Open up your mind and your potential reaches infinity…

This post is directed to a few people who apparently remarked, “Fasih was lucky to have a caring and loving person like you.”

On the contrary it was me who was luckier. To be honest, sustained love can hardly be selfless and one-sided. It is a two way street. It is the mutual respect and consideration for each other that takes the relationship to higher scale of happiness. And it takes just one bad driver among the two to cause a traffic jam in this two way street. Moreover, marriage is like assembling an aeroplane during its flight, while you dont even have a user manual for it. Its no secret that we all have to work on it’s successful outcome. Personally, decision to marry across border was not easy. Such long term decisions are never made casually on a rocking chair. Fasih was a private person and hence I would not like to share much details of how it all came about and also when some in the family were very upset about it. Though later it all worked out well. Fasih came to Delh from Karachii and asked my father, “I want to talk to your daughter.”Papa knew I was confused, so he told me, whatever your decision will be, we will stand by you. But, do not misbehave with him. He has come all the way putting his self respect at stake. My only paranoia and reason to not commit was of fear of going to Pakistan, “He said this is just a fear with no basis, but if you have anything against me, then I will understand.” I honestly had nothing against him. Infact I called my Lady Hardinge Medical College Kashmiri friend Robina Mirza to meet him and after that she said, “Ilmana you must be stupid if you have doubts about him just because he is a Pakistani..”Hahahaha Robina do you remember it?.So finally I relented and Fasih promised me, “We will make our life worthwhile. There should be no doubt about it. ” And which he actually did. So it was me who was lucky to have him. And because of his tremendous confidence in me, despite all my flaws, I thought i will never let him down and give opportunity to others, “Dekha hamein pata tha yeh larki bari baddimagh hai.” Baddimagh that I was, and nowhere a meek, timid person who would just be too pati-vratta without any valid reason. Fasih had the patience and I had the will to mellow down for our own happiness. In the background, a lesson taught early in life by the most wonderful father to us siblings also came handy to me: “Be mild with the mild, shrewd with the crafty, confiding to the honest, rough to the ruffian, a thunderbolt to the liar.”Fasih was mild, so I became mild with him. He was honest, so I became confiding and caring with him Had he been ruffian, I would have ended up being a bigger one. Or worse still if he was a liar, I would have been a thunderbolt too. Indeed. 😃#EndOfTheRant

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