Open up your mind and your potential reaches infinity…

COVID19 is not a mild virus. Its a ruthless destroyer. Those who havent felt it are either super lucky to not have been affected close to home or are simply covidiots.
It kills. It killed my dearest person, a strong sturdy man, in just 3 days. He never ever had even fever, and would climb 12 stories in one breath, without being breathless. There was no comorbidity.
It has killed my two first cousins in India. Finest of people. And three dearest doctor friends of my husband, just in the same month June.
And a few of the loved ones who have been sick and now surviving are going through a very debilitating post covid recovery.
Sometimes it feels as if COVID19 chose to come to us. But I know, it has turned many homes upside down. It has snatched may fine, sincere human beings from their loved ones.
The only ones who seam to survive and thrive are the evil leadership across the globe, who heartlessly pursue ‘open the economy’, ‘smart lockdown’, ‘herd immunity’ devils.

I want the architects of smart lock down in Pakistan @Asad_Umar, @ImranKhanPTI & @ArifAlvi to just spend one month taking vitals of #COVID19 patients in ER, each doing 8hr shifts. Just 30 days in ER.
Then I will ask if they like the mess and life threatening situation they have put the frontline doctors into by their herd immunity stunt.

As a doctor friend who messaged and shared this below asks: ” Covid is taking the finest people away. I haven’t seen a badmash dying of covid. Have you?”

And this includes many doctors too, who are simply paying the price of apathetic leadership and callous masses.

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