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I plan to start from the New Year 2012 a series of Blogs on Health issues named

Let’s make 2012 a Healthy Year.

The blog series shall be target the South Asians, primarily living in their homelands, but could be useful to others living elsewhere.

The need of the blog was felt primarily due relative less awareness amongst South Asians on Health issues.
Primarily, this is because culturally we we worry about health only when sick or unwell.
Secondly, due to relative deficiency of health activism in our countries.
Thirdly, though there is a mine of information on health issues on internet, but not much of it is specific to South Asian context, hence many times lacks relevance.

I have been working on the contents of the blogs for the past 4 months. Most of the information would be from the well researched, evidence based sources, and shall be peer reviewed by the specialists from the field.

It would be an informal format, not a lecture. I have tried my best to make it like a walk through for the readers where they will along with the information also be guided on what to do ?

The blog post shall be up loaded every 1st and 15th of each month and will consist of different health issues on which I feel there South Asians need to be aware of.

The blog in English shall be accompanied by a podcast in a Hindi-Urdu language, in case those who wish to share it with their kin who feel more comfortable in their language. A lot of medical jargons will be used in English instead of Hindi & Urdu so that both can easily understand.

The blog shall not serve as a consultation, but just a means to give direction towards increasing interest in the readers to inquire more on health issues.

The first few topics in the serial order are

1. Living a healthy lifestyle ( Jan 1, 2012)
2. Healthy eating the Desi way ( Jan 15, 2012)
3. Love Your heart to live ( Feb 1, 2012)
4. Diabetes- the bitter truth ( Feb 15 2012)
5. Smoker but you won’t quit ( March 1, 2012)
6. Smoker and you wish to quit. ( March 15, 2012)

There shall be others on Infection Control, Weight Management, Osteoporosis, Arthritis, Chronic Bronchitis, Depression, Stress Management Strategies etc.

Readers are welcome to suggest any topic, and if deemed of importance to large numbers, we would be glad to include it.

The readers are also welcome to post their questions, point out any criticism or disagreement to any content in the blog. I would try my best to answer them in Consultation with the specialists from the relevant field.
And I would request that if you feel worth, please share the blogs with others and contribute towards spreading of Health Awareness.

Thank You and see you with the first one on January 1, 2012.



Special thanks to Fatima Fasih for technical support.

Comments on: "Let’s make 2012 a healthy year–A health blog series starting from Jan 01, 2012" (4)

  1. What a wonderful and needed blog you are developing for 2012. You have my full support. Yesterday on NPR’s Talk of the Nation there was a segment on Sri Lanka by author Skiz ~ cooking with curry in respect to traditional home cooking. Also on the different curry culinary make up of the various South East Asian countries. I was fascinated. Perhaps you can write about the role curry plays in your native country and the benefits of curry in general.

    • Yeah a bit of it, and the goods & bads of Desi food shall be there in the second blog coming on Jan 15, 2012.
      And I have no words for your support, as always WalterWSmith 🙂

  2. Excellent initiative. Much appreciated. 😀

  3. A good start, hope the South Asians will follow the Blog and try to implement it in their daily lives. I am sure this blog will improve the health awareness on various health issues & problems.
    Good luck and good wishes from my side.

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