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Look beyond Veena…

I have no business to morally judge her on her picture in the magazine.

The picture had too many comparisons and contrasts to ignore.

What is surprising is the satire that many have missed while gazing at the curves.

The exposed Veena represents the allegedly exposed network  links in Pakistan. And the tattoo on the arm is the metaphoric translation of Mike Mullen’s comment , ” act’s as a veritable arm of Pakistan’s ISI.”, referring to we all know what.

Since the magazine comes from across the border, the symbolic representation becomes all the more pertinent.

Those who do not buy the validity of the picture and accuse it of photoshop agenda compares to those who do not buy Mullen’s allegations and blame it on American/ Indian agenda.

And those virtuous who feel embarrassed by a nude Pakistani Veena, compares to the conscientious lot who are embarrassed on the truth behind the mentioned links in Pakistan.

Veena’s vehement denial of the photo shoot compares with the constant refusal by the big bosses of any such links or networks.

And once one identifies the satire, the debate about it being a real shoot or a photo shop artwork becomes meaningless.

The fact that the picture spread like a wild fire too compares with the extensive acceptance of the conviction on the truth of the links by others the world over.

Who’s right, Veena or the tattoo on the arm, is for each one to decide.
Who am I to judge them ? :p

And yes, as remarked by a friend, there’s one stark contrast too. “Too bad ISI’s actual arm isn’t half as pretty or benign”.

The beauty of the satire here isn’t just skin deep.

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