Open up your mind and your potential reaches infinity…

What a beautiful song with lyrics by Nida Fazili, music by Jagjit Singh, and  singers from India ( Jagjeet Singh, Sonu Nigam etc.), Pakistan ( Ghulam Ali, Mehdi Hasan, Iqbal Bano) and Bangladesh( Runa Laila), and rest of the World singing together for the New Year.

Naya saal ho aisaa ab ke
Rang bhare jeewan mein sab ke
Sooraj ghar ghar dhoop bikhere
Chand sajaye sab ke andhere

Kheton mein faslein lehraayein
Nadiya sab ki pyaas bujhayein
Jurey rahein sabke rishtey
Juda na ho bhai se bhai
Naya saal ho sabko Mubarak
Naye saal ki sabko badhaii..

Urein kabooter khuli hawa mein
Naache chham chham more ghata mein
Seemaon mein bante na dhartee
Faujon mein kam kam ho bhartee

Sona jhoomer ban ker damke
Chandi payal ban ker barse
Naye saal ki sabko badhai

Chhape kitaabein, khulein dukanein
Chire kahin na aur laraiii
Naye saal ho sabko Mubarak
Naye saal ki sabko badhai

Celebrate, make it a special one
Let’s speak -one promise,
Let’s celebrate, for our future
For our children’s sake , let’s celebrate.


Comments on: "Let’s celebrate for Peace–in South Asia and in the whole World" (4)

  1. Special thanks to Shamil Shams for the info on lyrics, and music that I was sadly unaware of.

  2. A great song.

    Hope we have friendship and peace between India and Pakistan, in South Asia and in the World at large.

  3. Zabardast! My dad in particular is a great fan of this song! may there be peace and friendship between the 2 countries so i too cud visit my relatives in jalandhar n srinagar 🙂 amen.

  4. […] Let’s celebrate for Peace – in South Asia and in the whole World ( […]

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