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Buss ker ji hun buss ker ji~Bulleh Shah

This post is dedicated to the inseparable cultures of India and Pakistan. A great example of how India’s Sufi singers (of one faith) sing with devotion the Kafi of a Sufi saint ( of another faith) who’s origins were in what is now Pakistan.

Bulleh Shah is considered as the greatest mystic poet of the Punjab, his compositions have been regarded as “the pinnacle of Sufi literature.” Scholars and dervishes have called him “The Sheikh of Both the Worlds,” “The man of God,” “The Knower of Spiritual Grace” and by other equally edifying titles.

Kartar Singh Duggal, a renowned writer and author of The Mystic Muse: Sain Bulleh Shah writes:
“Bulleh Shah was an evolved soul, a perfect faqir and a true lover. Through the love for his Master he realized the Lord. In his love one finds poignancy, ardor and longing besides sincerity, sacrifice and renunciation. Under the canopy of love he made his offerings of caste and learning. His love for his Master never wavered for a moment despite the fire of separation and longing through which he passed. His writings, as also his life, manifest transcendence of physical love ( of the Master) to divine love ( of the Lord).”

It is said that once Bulleh Shah annoyed his Master due to some indiscretion and he was thrown out of the his Master’s circle( called Daira).

Several months passed; Bulleh begged forgiveness, repented, had other devotees speak to the master,  who would not relent. Suffering the pangs of separation, Bulleh sang soulful Kafis. There are many of them, and the pain in each of them increased, with the passage of time.

One such kafi which is my favourite is :
Bas kar ji hun bas kar ji,
Ik baat asaan naal has kar ji.

Tuseen dil mere vich vasde ho,
Aeven saathon door kyon nhasde ho.
Naale ghat jaadu dil khasde ho,
Hun kit val jaaso nhas kar ji.
Bas kar ji hun bas kar ji.

Tuseen moiyaan nu maar na mukde si,
Khido vaang khoondi nit kutde si.
Gahl kardiyaan da gal ghutde si,
Hun teer lagaaiyo kahs kar ji.
Bas kar ji hun bas kar ji.

Tuseen chapde ho asaan pakare ho,
Asaan naal zulf de jakre ho.
Tusi aje chapan nu takre ho,
Hun jaan na milda nas kar ji.
Bas kar ji hun bas kar ji.

Bulha shauh maen teri bardi haan,
Tera muhk vekhan nu mardi haan.
Nit sau sau mintaaN kardi haan,
Hun baeth pinjar vich ghass kar ji.
Bas kar ji hun bas kar ji.

Enough! Now enough!
Smile! Speak to me!
You inhabit my heart.
Enough! Now enough!

You do not tire of killing the already-slain.
You play with me, a ball thrown over and over again at a stump.
If I speak, you gag me,
You might as well just pierce the arrow right into me!
Enough! Now enough!

If you hide, I will catch you.
I will tie you in my tresses.
You are able to stay hidden for now,
But you will not be able to escape from me.
Enough! Now enough!

Says Bulha, I am your slave.
I die to see your face.
I plead with you a thousand times,
O enter this cage. Occupy it.
Enough! Now enough!
~Translation BY Suman Kashyap

The same Bulleh Shah Kafi sung by Wadali brothers:

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