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If I ever met God…

If I ever met God
I would hug Him
For making me ‘me’.
And would thank Him
Over and over a million times
For granting me
Eyes to see the beauty of nature
Ears to hear the melodies of joy
Senses to give and take love
But shall return Him with ‘Thanks’
My bundle of conscience
And walk back merrily.

If He said, “No”
I would leave at his feet,
My eyes, my ears and my senses
For I have endurance no more
To look into the eyes of hunger
Or hear the clamour of hatred
Or sense the angst of pain

If He still said,”No”,
I would pull Him by his hand
And bring Him down on Earth
To face it all ‘first hand’.

Comments on: "If I ever met God…" (3)

  1. Wow, wonderful and I so would do the same. I’d love to share this, but want to give credits. .. please let me know.. I’m new to WordPress. . Thank you, Annie

  2. Reblogged this on writeranniehall and commented:
    Amazing, straight to my heart. Love…. love this and would do the same.. beautiful, sad, and, I wonder???

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