Open up your mind and your potential reaches infinity…

One fine and free evening
Lying in a hammock swinging
Away from the madding crowds
Floating with the snowy clouds
Softly sailing at the cloud’s pace
Dreaming to be in a peaceful place.

I couldn’t help but in wonder sigh
While gazing high into the sky
Digging deep with my bare eyes
Into the depth of boundless skies

Trying to dissect every detail
Of infinite mysteries that prevail
Into the universe’s vast galore
That lies beyond the veil azure.

Crowded with the twinkling stars
Screaming aloud–Universe is ours.
Saturn, Jupiter, Venus or Mars
Glowing with pride as superstars
Making me feel indeed so small
For having abused the Earth- after all.

The stars strolled across the sky
As hours and hours just flew by
And then as if the curtain was drawn
With streaks of lights, signalling the dawn.

The sky’s face changed its shade
As the King Sun began to invade
Again into its Kingdom old
Marking its territory with rays of gold.

With it was gone the universe’s beauty too
Which had mesmerized me all night through.
And then I was back into this insane life
That just has in store struggle and strife

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