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Oh! you beautiful veil
An ornamented ceremony
A rich dress for my beauty
A protector of my dignity

I need you not to please my Lord
I do not wish to behind you hide
I do not wish, an object, to be
I need not your crutches to stand

I hate to be called mysterious
I loathe the words “heyy sexy”
For this is what think, the men
When they look at you my friend

I wish to be who I am as born
Be it ugly, not worth a second look.
You leave me to myself, O’ veil
I don’t like you even an atom.

So go away my deceptive friend
Wither away from ignorant faces
It’s time for you to sleep in grave
And rest in peace, my friend, Veil.

(Thank you French parliament for being my voice, for giving me the courage to write these words.)

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