Open up your mind and your potential reaches infinity…

The season for cricket is on. The fever is catching on with more heat each day.
The eye catching colourful logo and the ‘De ghuma ke” theme song exudes pure desiness and makes one feel connected .
CWC 2011 is being played in our region. How I wish Pakistan had been a part of the hosting of the games. How I wish sports had risen above the politics of the region.

The excitement began with the announcement of a brilliant, bold and beautiful Afridi as the captain of Pakistan Team. Cheers of excitement went through all round the globe—the cricket keen guys and the Afridi keen gals ( ages no bar) got caught up into the grips of Afridi bonanza.
With just the group stage matches being played so far, there is cricket and just cricket spilled everywhere from living rooms to offices to public places to face book and twitter.

Gaddhafi and Raymond Davis have taken a sigh of relief and are resting in peace for some time.

The matches exude excitement till the last ball being bowled and the killing uncertainty of who will bag the match is beyond description in words . This is indeed what we call sports.
The impressive efforts by teams like Canada and Ireland makes the scenario all the more exciting.

The waning and waxing of adrenaline in the veins accompanied by the rants and raves exchanged with face book friends during the match is a new style of cricket watching, currently in fashion.

Long gone are the bitter memories of the trio caught in the spot fixing scandal. Lets hope no issues of any betting and spot fixing come up in the subsequent matches. It is a difficult proposition though, considering that the crucial matches will be played in the cities known to be the Mecca of betting .

Before even the first Ball was bowled Shayne Warne had tweeted ’…..a tie’ and then the aftermatch tweet, “…………, tie was tongue in cheek, but right.”
Some tongues did wag but there wasn’t much of ruckus over match fixing allegations. Thank God it was just a pun.

There has been quite a bit of pun in the matches gone by. Thanks to the repeated stumbling, tumbling and finally fumbling of our very dear Kamran Akmal to take a catch or make a timely stump may have costed Pakistan very dearly, but it did give the depressed Pakistani awam an excuse to laugh and exchange silly jokes at his cost.

Face book and tweets flooded with messages :

“Why do parents like Kamran Akmal ? Because he is sure to ‘drop’ their daughter back home.”

“Kamran Akmal’s favourite pickup line – can I drop you anywhere? “

“What do Kamran Akmal and Michael Jackson have in common? They both wear gloves for no apparent reason.”

The jokes go on…

Not just the winning matches or funny Kamran, we Pakistanis have been pretty pleased with India’s performance too.

The final tie with England was like a sigh of relief.  And the bursting of the India shining bubble by its defeat to New Zealand sent a tsunami of elation from Kalam to Karachi.

This world cup also is providing us a last opportunity to see some cricket legends play for the last time. Muralidharan and Sachin have announced to bid farewell to first class cricket after this. These Gods of Cricket–the best bowler and the best batsman , shall be missed for a long time. I wonder if there is any one in sight likely to replace them in the foreseeable future.

And yes, the repeated faltering by the Umpires in giving the right decisions and with contradicting decisions coming from the Third Umpire are also the ‘specific’ to this season.

The speculation of which eight teams will make into the quarterfinals isn’t all that difficult now. What remains now is the million dollar question as to who will lift the world cup. Fortunately, there does not seem to be a unilaterally favourite team this time. Some strong teams have had a neck to neck game till the last with the ‘taken for granted’ weak teams. There have been some upsets too .

There is a burning desire of the Pakistani cricket lovers to have the finals played between India and Pakistan in Mumbai under the very nose of Bal Thackrey and then come out winning the Cup.

Thankfully so far most of the matches have been taken in true spirits of the game. All the CWC 2011 has provided so far is excitement and wonderful game of cricket.
I can just hope that the true spirit of the game continues in the decisive matched too and with loads of prayers that the wonderful game of cricket does not get hijacked at the hands of either the shameless gambling or the ruthless extremism.

Let the game remain a game.
And let the best team lifts the World Cup.
How I wish that the best team is none but —


( Fill in the blank with the team you wish to win. For me it isn’t ONE but TWO teams that I cheer and ‘two’ cant lift the cup!)

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