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Kabir Mystic Song -1

Paani mein meen payasi, (meen= fish)
Mohe sun sun aawe haasi.
Jal thal sagar hoor raha hai, (hoor= searching)
Bhatkat phire udasi rey.
Atam gyan bina nar bhatke, (atam gyan=enlightenment, nar= man)
Koi mathura koi kaashi rey (Mathura, Kaashi= holy cities)
Kehet Kabir, suno bhai sadho,
Sahaj mile, na vinashi rey. (sahaj=easily; vinash=destruction so na vinashi means –indestructible or immortal)

Comments on: "Paani Mein Meen Payasi – Jagjit Singh ( Kabir )" (4)

  1. Enjoyed the song. What does the last line mean? “na vinashi” = ? Easily found, will not disappear? Thanks for clarifying.

  2. Thanks for explaining.

    I like your blog. You speak about many things sensitive and deep, things from your experiences whose lessons are priceless. Thanks for sharing them.

    I will visit your blog again in the future. Some day I hope to watch the movie/video of Kabir’s life that you have linked to your blog.

    Kindest regards to you and your family.

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