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Yeah, my heart throbs alike for the two lands

Yeah, my love is equally blind for the two places

Yeah,  my voice   sings  songs  in  the two languages

Yeah,  my eyes see identical dreams for the two people

Yeah,  my lips whisper the same prayers  for  the two  nations

Yeah,  my mind worries for the peace  between the two neighbours

Yeah,  my heart aches on hearing  the hatred screamed by the two faiths

Yeah, my tears roll witnessing   the venom  spewed by  the two communites.

Yeah, I feel no difference between two names the world  calls  INDIA & PAKISTAN.

For,  the  hammock of my life hangs between these  two HOMELANDS.

“My deep connection to the land that is Pakistan had been renewed. I felt lucky to have both countries; I felt that I’d been given what partition had denied many. For me, it meant the possibility of a different education, of embracing the three-tier history of India whole, perhaps an intellectual troika of Sanskrit, Urdu and English.”

~Aatish Taseer in his book ” Stranger to History”


A feeling which you can ‘feel’ only if you ‘ live’  it. But mind you , it doesn’t come in easily. One has to rise above a lot of prejudices, a very many stereotypes and take a lot of crap from so called ‘patriots’  from both the sides before you attain this feeling.

P.S. Unlike Aatish I  respect the reality and the existence of political border between the two countries but  dream of  ‘psychological’ borders’  erased between the two peoples.

I hope I live to see such a day.

Ilmana Fasih

17  January 2011

(Background: Am an Indian married to a Pakistani man, with two ferociously patriotic Pakistani kids who say:” We love India but we own Pakistan.”   As for me I love and own both the places).


Dedicated to Dr Binayak, Salman Taseer, Wali Khan Baber, Julian Assange who suffer for their right cause and the scores of nameless target killed souls who pay the price of their mere existence.

Standing for the oppressed turns you a rebel
Speaking for the repressed calls you an infidel
Seeking for the facts shows you the grave
To gag the truth these bigwigs crave
Born a different sect gets you killed
City’s morgues, with bodies, get filled

The good takes a backseat, the evil drives
Truthfulness suffers, falsehood thrives
Corruption becomes a vice, honesty a sin
The common man loses, the powerful win
And Barbarism lives, as Humanity dies
Alas! The Satan laughs, and God cries.

Ilmana Fasih
17 January 2010

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