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A journey of a boy’s mama

Whatever a woman happens to be—whether a home maker or a working woman, whether a successful or an ordinary woman—-if she is a mother of a boy as well, she will have to walk through the same journey that every ‘boy’s mama’ travels. The journey with girls is somewhat different. As they say, and I agree, you can raise 4 girls instead of one boy.

And the journey goes:
Test comes ‘positive’
Nause, morning sickness
Anxieties, apprehensions
Back aches, as weeks pass by
Yeyy, the angel kicks.
Oh what a feel!
Thy name is Mom.

Midnight heartburns
Pale eyes, puffy face
Torment of unease and fear
Pain progresses, as hours pass by
Wow, the baby cries aloud.
Oh what a bliss!
Thy name is Mama.

Hundreds of feeds
Thousands nappy changes
Restless days, sleepless nights
Burns out, as days pass by.
Yeah, the kiddo crawls, runs, jumps
Oh what a sight!
Thy name is Maa.

Baking favourite cookies
Reading bedtime stories
Lessons on good manners
Million scolds and hugs
Unending kisses on cuts n bruises
Shoes grow smaller, as years pass by
Aah, the naughty boy grows
Oh what a comfort!
Thy name is Ummi.

Daily tug of war
High spirited, roguish teen
Naggings on deaf ears
Endless worries and woes
For exam grades, as terms pass by
Pheww, the playful graduates .
Oh what a tranquility!
Thy name is Amma.

Constant vigil
Assertive, youthful
Heart breaking arguments
Amidst endless love, selfless care
A constant referee between Dad and him
Egos collide, generation gap manifests.
Differences pile, as life passes by.
Alas, a youngman, independent, comesforth
Oh what an atonement!
Thy name is Ammi.

Ilmana Fasih
Dec 26, 2010

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