Open up your mind and your potential reaches infinity…

A lioness who roars in the day light , burns in agony and pain all night. Lives her ordeal every day as fresh as if it was today. Pain refuses to lessen even an iota.
Ask why?
“Once upon a time, a pretty lioness cub and a daring tiger cub grow up together. Dreaming of a long life with each other as they sail from innocent childhood to blooming youth. Wedding bells ring at the prime of their youth, vowing to live happily ever after.
Three weeks into matrimony, a herd of blood thirsty hounds pounce on the tender lioness for a game. The tiger pounces into action to shield her. All alone facing a herd of savages.
Alas, the lioness watches with her own eyes, her tiger brutally ripped apart by those insane blood thirsty hounds. With his last breath, come crashing down the castles they had built for years.
He departs but she lives on, a dozen and four years now. Still the same pain, still the same love.”
Daylight appears and she is up and roaring, once again.
No one knows how her nights go.
PS: A saga that puts the Oscar winning The Lion King to shame.
I salute this lioness and so should the whole world…

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