Open up your mind and your potential reaches infinity…

Here I am half a century and half a dozen years ancient.

Overall, Alhamdulillah to have lived a fulsome life all these years, indulging in multiple love-affairs simultaneously- with my people, with my work, with my creative hobbies, with my homes, with my cities and with this beautiful world at large. No regrets at all for anything that was in my control.

How did I reach here?

No, not just by stroke of luck. By no means.

It has been a hard labor of love, belief in self and making conscious choices to step out of comfort zones whenever possible.
Some of these major adventures out of comfort zones have been :

1. In 1990, decided to marry a Pakistani hunk, and crossed over, quitting easy mundane life in Delhi and breaking hearts of a few aspirants in India.

2. In 2009, decided to quit a lucrative job with National Guards Health Affairs in KSA to immigrate to Mississauga, Canada, only to provide better life options to my two children, starting from scratch and alone, as husband chose to stay behind. Not just that, it was amidst speculations from some idiots, “Bache tou bache, biwi bhi bhaag jaayegi”. LOL. But my man believed in me and stood by me. ❤

3. In 2017, decided to go grey, unabashedly, unapologetically, when everyone said, “You will look like your husband’s Amma if you go grey.” But I certainly did not. In fact, the amount of compliments I have received on my grey hair are only second to compliments on my unusual name Ilmana given to me by father.

4. In 2020, decided to move to Karachi after we lost Fasih, quitting yet another coveted position in United Way of Greater Toronto. And despite all its inherent challenges, and dissuasion from sincere well wishers, it has been a decision I am most proud of. Things are working well. Karachi is growing on me. Like-minded well wishers are being added to a growing friends list and offering help.

By and large thankful that Pakistan and vast majority of Pakistanis have been very kind.

It’s a great feeling to be a nomad between Delhi, Karachi and Mississauga. And a world citizen and a keen traveler. There is still a long bucket list to be checked, if life permits.

Thank you family and friends for the deluge of Birthday greetings virtually or in person. As always, I will respond to each individual greeting personally in days to come.
Love and massive respect to you all !


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