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Down the Memory Lane #2

Valima day coordination was easier.

Fasih, Abdullah, Ismail all followed the script given by Fatima of Navy Blue suits. She was wearing grey and blue herself.

It was tough for me to find a blue saree in Karachi. Nevertheless Fatima and I went round but nothing seemed to click.
So I had a flash. I dug up an old bananasi saree, that was grey with real Zari which was Ammi’s and she had passed it to me eons ago. Unfortunately its grey shade didn’t seem to match. Moreover it had patches of faded areas on the front. This plan failed.

Then I had another flash. I took the saree to the dyer and asked him, “Can this be dyed Navy blue?”
He replied, “Baji saree tou pure silk hai dye ho jayegi, lekin Zari kharab ho jayegi. Yes Asli zari hai.”
I told him to take the risk.

A few days later when Fatima and I went back to collect the saree, we were astonished. It had come out so stunningly bright. The dyer said he used some technique of cold dyeing to prevent zari from getting black. We just had to get a matching blouse. There couldn’t have been more coordinated saree than this old heirloom piece.
No one even till date believes this navy blue saree is at least 40 years old, dyed and belonged to Ammi when I wore frocks.

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