Open up your mind and your potential reaches infinity…

Ismail has been such a pillar of support and yet leaves no opportunity of blurting “in your face” brutal truth with a touch of humor, even in these grim times.
I went searching for coconut water in Istanbul airport.
Ismail was amused. “This is third world Ammi. You dont find coconut water in bottles or cartons here. You will only find coconut water inside a coconut here.”
“Very funny, Ismail.”
“No this is called common sense.”

He held my hand tight as we visited Fasih in the graveyard at dawn.
“That hold was such rock solid hold.Thank you my boy.” I told him.
Him: “What do you expect from a person who does professional weight lifting? Grip is what matters.”

“Ismail you are my best friend.”
With a little pause, and in half hearted tone, “Yeah. Ofcourse now that Papa is not there.”

#KarachiDiary Day1


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