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This post is dedicated to the wonderful batchmates of Syed Fasihuddin who call themselves G-85 group. I am very well aware how you all have been going through a huge trauma since Fasih’s loss. Although not many have said this to me directly, but I am well aware of the relationship you all had.

Dr. Afzal Memon bhai had been with him till his last moments, talking to doctors about his management. Saadat Dr. SA Abbasi you were the first one I came to know when Fasih came to Delhi first time in 1984. He asked me to help him buy a nice Indian cotton dress for a good friend. And I took him to Connaught Place to buy one. I remember Dr. Aslam bhai, Dr. Razzak bhai and Dr. Afzal bhai for their extra efforts to come to attend our wedding to Delhi in Jan 1990. Travelling to India across the border, with all visa and NOC formalities was not an easy task. And then how Fasih ignored you guys after the shaadi. 😃

I am extremely touched by the affection and respect I have received from Dr. Farnaz Sindhu, Dr. Saadat, Dr. Sattar Bhai, Dr. Tunio and Dr. Rukhsana Bajwa during our brief meetings and otherwise. My heartfelt thanks to Dr. Imran Sharif who donated a Pucca Well in Fasih’s memory in Thar soon after his passing despite his own health challenges. We wish him health and complete recovery.

We thank Dr. Munir Burgri, Dr. Arshad Malik, Dr. Noor Akhund, Dr. Afzal and others (Sorry I miss the names), some of who traveled in heat upto Thar to inaugurate it. I am grateful to Dr Mohammed Ali, Dr. Afzal, Dr. Razzak, Dr. Aslam Ghouri, Dr. Anjum Hashmi Dr. Nadir and others( forgive me for not knowing their names) who sponsored and celebrated 14 August at Taj exactly with the same fervor that Fasih did all the time.

I cannot thank enough Dr. Saeed Qaimkhani bhai who came to Taj from UK to do free clinics. And always made sure to visit Taj whenever in Pakistan. Ever since, you have been a great wellwisher to our family. I have tremendous respect for Fasih”s teacher and mentor Prof Idrees Khan, and you being his son in law adds more honor for us to have your support to Taj and us. I would also mention here how Fasih had been mourning the early loss of some of his very close friends like Dr. Noor in NY and would often say, “Our group-85 must work on their fitness and quality of life. I must create some fitness plan.”

I am also very aware of Dr. Nasir Sultan’s, another Pulmonologist battling for life in Texas, and how all of G-85 are standing by and praying for his recovery.I know as I attempt to fill in the big shoes that Fasih has left behind, G-85 will be a big pillar of support for Fatima, Ismail and I. Please know that Taj Consultants Clinics doirs will always welcome you, just as in Fasih’s life, and will be an honor if you will bless the place whenever you are in Karachi. Please forgive me as I have missed many names.

Warm regards,

Ilmana, Fatima & Ismail.

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