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Fasih & Edhi Sb

Fasih would often stop by at Edhi sb’s office at Kharader to chat, complain, whine, about the mess and reinvigorate himself to carry on the good fight.

All his life, our zakaat was exclusively given to Edhi trust. He would recommend all his friends and seniors who were retiring and getting depressed to volunteer their time and clinical skills at Edhi medical centres.

He had so many plans to work with him after inaugurating the clinic in 2015. But Edhi sb left the scene in 2016. Aah and now Fasih followed him behind in 2020.

Am sure they must be chatting in the paradise too, figuring out how to while away their time.

Am also sure they both must be missing the messed up Karachi and the opportunities it provides to kindred souls like the two of them to make a difference.


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