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I have been lamenting a lot on my loss, my children’s loss and my husband’s siblings loss in the going of Syed Fasihuddin.
Today I want to acknowledge the loss of the valiant staff of Taj Consultants Clinics.
The 22 strong team, most of whom have been with Taj for years, had a very close relationship with their Sir, Dr. Fasih.
He was tough when it came on work ethics and professionalism and a kindhearted caring paternal figure when it came to their personal issues. Whether it was a female staff living with an abusive relationship, a male staff lost his father, or any other personal issues, big or small Dr. Fasih was their go to person.
They celebrated their birthdays together, they had iftars every working day of every Ramazan with him.
I personally witnessed him scolding staff for a blunder and then in next 15 minutes ordering samosas for the entire team to ease out the environment.
The staff came to me, “Mam, I dont want samosa, he first scolded then now offering samosa.”
I asked her, “Was he wrong in his complaint to you?”
Staff: “No Mam it was my mistake.”
Me: “Okay, then dont be upset. But I will tell him to not get too angry and explain to you calmly.”
Fasih cared dearly for Taj and for his staff.
He awarded them on their excellent performance too. Taj has an Employee of the Month and an Employee of the Year awards. They celebrated together annual dinners and had been planning since forever for a staff picnic too, which unfortunately could not happen.
The staff spent 6 to 10 hours daily in his proximity at Taj.
They are no less hurt at his loss. And we must acknowledge their mourning too.
Despite their grief, it is them who are holding the front at Taj, in his absence since 26 June. They are his valiant soldiers who need no motivation to show up in times of crisis. But we need to acknowledge them. They are extremely hurt at Dr. Fasih’s absence who was the life of Taj Consultants Clinics.

I have no words to console them, just as I fail to console myself, but I can assure them, the legacy of care and compassion of Dr. Fasih to his staff, along with high standards of professionalism will carry on.
I cant wait to be back with them soon, mourn with them and carry on the legacy with them.
Oh this wretched pandemic, how much has it tested us. But one thing it cannot take away and has in fact strengthened is our belief in the power of compassion and care for each other as human beings.

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