Open up your mind and your potential reaches infinity…

Life is cruel. Very cruel.
It gets more poignant when you lose brave souls in the line of duty, giving priority to saving other lives before their own.
I am currently embroiled in my own grief. But every single other life lost, only makes me feel and grieve and think of the state of their loved ones left behind more closely.
Call me obsessed, but I relate all these incidents to my own current state.
When Beiruit, a beautiful city was devastated in a split of a second, it felt like me. Every window of hope and happiness shattered into million pieces of glass.
As I saw the Calicut crash pictures with the airplane broken into two, it again felt like this airplane was me. Broken beyond repair.
Details shared by a cousin on family group who is an Air India air hostess lead to details of how the Captain of the airplane tried his best to minimize damage, saving lives of others he was responsible for, sacrificing himself. It made me think of Syed Fasihuddin. My brave man, who did his best to save other lives, putting himself at risk. What coincidence Captain Sathe was 59 too.
My brother shared this video below of his, saying, “I have not heard something more moving than this.”
I replied, “Yes. It’s so heartbreaking. One moment you are a human full of life, next moment you are not.”
My heartfelt condolence to Captain Sathe’s wife. Her grief is fresher than mine. I can imagine her state exactly. I was in the same place 42 days ago.
I have listened to this video twice. I know I will return back many more times. It brings back the memories of our early days in 1986-89 when Fasih sent cards to me, and I ignored without replying because I was scared of commitment across the border. I wasn’t sure of myself. But he was. Bold and fearless. And then he eventually took the bold step, came all the way to Delhi from Karachi and called my father from the airport, “I want to talk to your daughter.”
My father had only one advice for me when he went to pick Fasih to the airport, “He has come a long way. If you dont want, just tell him No respectfully. Dont be disrespectful. We will be with you. Remember, he has put his self respect at stake to come to talk to you.”
Eventually I said yes on 5th October 1989.
This song again made me fall in love with Fasih once again. ❤ haha though Fasih never sang. But that’s okay. 😍
Watch the song sung by Cpt Dipak Sathe, the hero of Kozhikode air crash, and cry your heart out.
(PS: This video could be of someone else not Cpt Sathe as I see in different claims. But that doesnt take away the pain of losing a life anyways. Do watch the song).

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