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You know what is the height of helplessness for us?
Syed Fasihuddin was fittest among all his peers. Fit as fiddle.
On Sunday evening, while tying his show laces, he was telling his mother-like sister, our Kosar Baji, who had come to pick him up to take for hospital ER, “Its just Ilmana and Fatima are pushing me to go to hospital. I will come back in two days.”
He had told us, ‘Wait till Monday morning. Ox sat will be fine, I have oxygen cylinder at home.” But Fatima & I threw a tantrum to not delay. He agreed readily.
He then went to his terrace garden and brought in some potted plants inside saying, “They will get burnt in two days in the sun. I will put them back later.”
He talked to his grey parrots and told them, “Khuda Hafiz.”
In the car, he kept telling his sister, “They will give me Dexa, Heparin, high pressure oxygen…”
He went walking into the hospital and discussing his own test reults with the doctors. And was very relaxed.
Fasih got admitted in hospital as soon as soon as his oxygen saturation fell 87%. He did not have any beathlessness. There was no delay.
His lungs at that time were 2/3rd clear on admission.
He recieved a state of the art WHO protocol treatment in a top hospital in Karachi for COVID.
He got evey single medication that is being recommended for COVID19 without delay, including Actemra and Remdesivir.
He had no delay in getting to ICU, or did not wait for Ventilator.

Even then, he lost the battle against COVID 19 in just FIVE days. From Sunday evening to Friday afternoon. If this does not ring bells against this beast, then nothing else will to #covidiots morons.

Below two pics were his profile pics in COVID times. One of them still is, and will remain there as a memory to his sacrifice as a Pulmonologist gone in the line of service. Taj practiced exemplary care to screen patients, practice social distancing and raise awareness.

But ofcourse he was still a bloody civilian, so his sacrifice doesnt mean much to the Govt. of Pakistan. Sigh !

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