Open up your mind and your potential reaches infinity…

Death at any breath

A fine upright humanitarian man
for him Allah had other plans

Just know it wasn’t in vain
despite the anguish and pain

Know for sure he’s in a better place
amongst the shaheed is his space

In his hospital alive is his legacy
paved it’s way so ethically

A model refined upright soul
he knew his mission n goal

left all creature comfort
his family and support

Find solace that his final abode
will be befitting of his moral code

you did worry and apprehensively forbode
the virus will unleash, grip and control

Your worst fears did manifest
but trust – Allah knows what’s best

may you carry forth his legacy
the way you are with integrity

Honouring cousin Dr Ilmana’s hubby
Dr Syed Fasihudin.

Penned by Ilmana’s cousin Rani Baji (Najma Ansari).

Dr. Syed Fasihuddin ( 14 December 1960 to 26 June 2020) Consultant Pulmonologist, Karachi

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