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Laughter, the best medicine.

Mirth is God’s medicine. Everybody ought to bathe in it. ~Henry Ward Beecher.

Born and brought up as an Indian, I know one thing for sure, that in India we don’t bathe in it very often. It’s another matter that we mock at others accent, skin colors, hair or even names. We lack the capability to laugh at our own selves or even silly, with no rhyme or reason.
And many a serious beings drowned in deep intellect, find it below their dignity to laugh a hearty laugh. Sorry to generalise, but more so amongst my own clan, the middle aged women.

Today morning  twitter friend tagged me and a couple of other twitter friends to the new song KOLAVERI. The tune was catchy, the words hilarious, not hard to believe it had a 2 million hits with numbers  visible at the site. It lifted the mood at worktable.  And I heartily retweeted it.

Just then in my TL,  I saw a comment from someone to someone else :
‘”I’m aghast to see otherwise sensible people falling into this kolaveri promotion trap. How sad!” and “huge marketing gimmick and every media outlet fell for it, us included “.

Well I don’t know if it was marketing gimmick, I found it genuinely hilarious and a new taste in the mouth. And as for the intellectual quality of the song, even the singer himself began with “a soap song, a flop song”.

If only we had learned to laugh silly and be a little lighthearted at times, Dr Madan Kataria wouldn’t have needed to invent the Laughing Yoga for the Indians. So much of success it is now that there are 5000 laughing clubs and people of all ages participate. It is not just the momentary elation one gets in one’s mood, but the researches show that a hearty laughter reduces stress and its related chronic illnesses like hypertension, depression, heart disease, and arthritis.

Laughing yoga which includes a childlike playfulness, clapping, breathing exercises and a hearty laugh for no reason. It culminates with a two minutes silence to relax. What is funny is that you really need not be in a funny mood to reap it’s benefits. The brain cannot tell the difference between between a fake and a real laughter and in both cases it ends up producing endorphins and neurotransmitters that strengthen the immune system and hence our body’s resistance to deseases.

Needless to say laughter takes us momentarily away from the negative emotions, and makes bearable the stressful that envelopes us all around.
Laughter  needs no space, infrastructure, or expensive club membership.
It is infectious too. It spreads and connects people, be it the virtual friends.
More so, laughter even benefits those who sit and watch other people laugh.

As goes the Irish proverb, a good laugh and long sleep are the best cures in the doctor’s book.

And before we click on to a childlike laughter at the lyrics of Kolaveri, lets share what Farhan Masood had tweeted at the same time ( with no connection to this discussion)

Zindagi ki uljhanen, Shrarton ko kam ker deti hain,
Aur hum smajhte hain k, Hum barrey ho gaye !

And well into my forties, I refuse to grow up, when it comes to laughing.

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