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Nashenas is an  Afghani singer of yesteryears’ , with an enchanting voice. He   generally sang in Pashto, Dari and Urdu.
Born and lived in Kandahar till Taleban took over, which made a leftist Nashenas to leave Afghanistan.

Here he sings a Farsi piece of poetry by Allama Mohammmed Iqbal:

Hard to write Farsi…I just paste the translation:

I went up to the ocean and, addressing a wave, said:
‘You’re always restless; tell me what is it that troubles you.
You have a million pearls enfolded in your garment’s skirt,
But do you, like me, have a heart – the only pearl that’s true ?
It squirmed, retreated from the shore, and uttered not a word.

I went up to the mountain and said, “O huge heap of stone!
Can you not hear the wailing of a heart in agony?
If in your stones there is a gem which is a drop of blood,
Then speak, O speak, to a sad soul that pines for company.
If it had breathed, it breathed no more, and uttered not a word.

I travelled long in upper space, approached the moon, and said:
“O ceaseless wanderer, is there any rest ordained for you?
Your radiance makes the whole world gleam white like a jasmine field.
But is your breast aglow with a live heart whose light shines through?”
She looked round at the starry crops, and uttered not a word.

Transcending sun and moon, I went up to the Throne of God.
“There’s not a thing,” I said, “I can be friends with, not a thing.
Your world is heartless, while my dust is all of heart’s stuff made.
A pretty garden, but not the kind of place to make one sing.”
He answered with the smile He wore, and uttered not a word.

Comments on: "Ba Raftam ~Allama Iqbal sung by Nashenas" (3)

  1. A very nice journey to be on … searching for ones heart throughout the world and universe. A nice song and video. Thanks for sharing.

    • Who wrote the English translation please? There seem to be several English translators of his poetry, including Khushwant Singh, and I’d like to buy a book with this version.

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