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Meaning of Life…

Life ain’t a mere living,
To wake, to sleep morning evening.
Laden with struggle, sweat and strife.
Tis’ not just to live, but to get a life.

Life to a newborn…
Is a warm embrace on mother’s chest.
Life to a teenager…
Is ‘fit in’ entree into a gang of friends.
Life to an old parent..
Is care and attention from a loving child.
Life to an orphan..
Is a tight hug from a caring arms.
Life to a disabled..
Is self reliant life with honour and dignity.
Life to a labourer..
Is a just wage before the sweat dries.
Life to a beggar ..
Is two square meals each day.
Life to a homeless..
Is a warm sleep in a chilly winter night
Life to a druggie..
Is a syringe load of ‘dose’ gushing through the veins.

Differing in spirit from soul to soul
Unique is the meaning of life in each role.

As pointed by my blogger friend Waltersmith, indeed the:
Life to a druggie…
Is freedom from the compulsive craving for the ‘dose’.

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