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Obama Osama Heart to Heart

Obama: I loved the way ISI let you stay nearby.

Osama: Yeah, to catch me, they didn’t even try.

Obama: No wonder why, now they feel so shy.

Osama: Say they didn’t know it. Oh what a lie !

Obama: They thought you were, in Afghan mountains high.

Osama: Sure I would if AZ wasn’t a bigger idiot than Karzai.

Obama: Ofcourse who doesn’t know him? That 10% guy.

Osama: He aint so bad. Pasha brought his salams whenever passing by.

Obama: After we nabbed you, did you bid your host goodbye?

Osama: Knowing I’ll be with 72 virgins, “I wanna come too” he began to cry.

Obama: Gosh! You’ll have Seventy two, after all those killings? You lucky guy.

Osama: Huhh and you fools thought t’was for Jehad, those suicide bombers die !

Obama: We killed many in Iraq too. For a place in Heaven, can I also try?

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