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Obama, You’re born Lucky !

With the operation accomplished to nab Osama Bin Laden, it isn’t unusual at all that no soon the news was out, conspiracy theories started cropping up. Every Tom Dick and Harry becomes Sherlock Holmes with describing flaws into the details of the operation, about the photograph not being his (the hair being darker than his,), his face not resembling, that he was brought here and declared dead to enter Pakistan( as if they haven’t already), or that Pakistani intelligence did it all and then Americans took the credit. As many mouths, as many stories…
Being an anti conspiracy theorist and a true fan of a lucky man called Obama, I believed every word of what Obama said in his address. I know Obama must be as desperate as anyone in this position to increase his popularity ratings for the next term. But just to say that he will stage a false drama and tell such a huge lie to achieve those, I doubt.
Yes, luck has failed him in his fiscal policies or in getting his health plan implemented but he just hit a huge luck home run as Commander-in-Chief.
I may be unrealistic in taking his words for truth, because I continue to be as fascinated by this brilliant man as I was when I first noticed him during the Presidential campaign.
With Bush’s doubtful mental abilities, who wasn’t even sure of who was the current Prime Minister of India during his election, Obama’s brilliance and thorough knowledge about the world was such a striking contrast. He definitely was a presidential material. And then to be a lucky first man of color to become an American president—it was not just me but the whole world found him mesmerizing. Lucky was he to be a blue eyed of the entire globe.
Knowing the details of his parentage—being multiracial—Dad from Kenya, Mom a white American, step Dad an Indonesian, Grandmom a practicing Muslim, he sure was born lucky—to have lived in various cultures.. A man exposed to so many cultures, religions and travelled widely in childhood ( including Pakistan)—had to be a man with wide horizons and huge luck.
And after all, to have gone to Harvard for the graduate studies, being president of the Harvard Law Review and tenure as a constitutional law professor were no small luck to be so brilliant.
On hearing his live Presidential address – extempore, flawless, no stuttering, no forgetting, no written paper and the substance that he spoke for almost 45 minutes, I was all head over heals for his oratory.
Obama got a Nobel Peace Prize with no substantial achievements. In his thank you speech, in a very matter of fact way, he mentioned his surprise on being chosen for it and remarked that there were others who deserved to get this prize more than him. Yes he was less deserving but got it for he was luckier.
His occasional acknowledgement of having ‘Muslim relatives’ is too an act no less brave considering how he was maligned for having a Muslim name or Muslim roots during the campaign. Not just lucky, he’s brave too.
Just a couple of days ago he cornered Donald Trump with humour. The president poked fun at his birther theory and his background on the celebrity apprentice at the White House Correspondent’s Dinner. The humour rolled the audience into fits of laughter.

In a fundraiser dinner in New York looked more like a stand up comedian than a President of USA
“My name is Barack Obama.I was born in Hawaii,” he continued, which elicited cheers and applause from the audience of supporters, “the 50th state of the United States of America.”
“No one checked my ID on the way in,” he said. “But just in case …” Obama added and reached into his breast pocket before pulling his empty hand out and chuckling.
The lady luck gave him an excellent sense of humour too..
And now the credit of nabbing the world’s most wanted criminal. Bush tried his best, lied about weapons of mass destruction in a desperate attempt to prove his credibility, got shoed, but still failed to catch Osama.
And this brilliant and lucky man—got him quietly in a small operation with minimal collateral damage, and personally supervised it through camera. And no matter what anyone may claim, he got it done with such neatness deep inside Pakistan, leaving the Pakistani officials speechless, faceless and spineless.
Lucky you are Obama. History will go down with you getting the Osama Credit. And probably you will win the second term too.
What else is mother luck bringing for him in future? A fan in me awaits.
I know I may be unduly fascinated by this lucky man, whom many find an unsuccessful president.
And of course, lastly, you are lucky to have me as your ardent fan, you lucky Obama !

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