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Which Color Am I ?

An FB friend Susan Marie presented to me this above pic. And it was really hard to choose which color should I be. Once again my imagination started to run wild and high. And the result were the following words….

Which color am I?

Oh! If I was color red
I would be a rose
Or even a valentine heart
that lives so close
to every loving heart.
Or maybe a coral
Standing in oceans deep
Eversince life took a leap.

Maybe I was green
So live and so living
so refreshing, so giving
Like a new leaf of spring.
Or innocent grasshoppers
That never ever sting.

What if I was a blue
With all it’s shades and hues
So vast as the sky
where birds of imagination fly
So wild and so high.
Or even a sapphire in a ring
Seeing who’s beauty, all would sigh!

I think I would be an orange.
So ‘hot’ and bright
Like the rays of sunlight.
Key to ‘life’ that holds
Or maybe a garland of marigold
With flowers fresh and pure
Making God’s haute couture.

And if I was a yellow
Of the tiny, soft , cuddly chick
Chi chiing, with dozen other fellows.
Or maybe a Topaz stone that sticks
Into a ring, with it’s beauty revealed.
I could even be an endless mustard field.

Wow! I sure should be purple
And violets being my grandeur and glory
With poets wishing to tell my splendid story
Or maybe I was from the Amethyst stock
With other jealous gems turning into a rock.
And I could even be a purple Iris flower
Standing high in a pot, like a proud star.

Yes I think I should be a rainbow
Made up of colors all ‘the noble seven’.
Colors lined up so immaculately in a row.
Stretching from horizon upto the Heaven
And then they all so neatly, mix within me
Standing for PEACE, they turn into a white
Bundled together, as UNITED they would be.
Erasing all the differences, great or slight.

P.S. Thank you again Sue for inciting me to write this 🙂


Comments on: "Which Color Am I ?" (2)

  1. thoughtswhilesleepwalking said:

    This is beautiful! You are welcome Ilmana. It is YOU that wrote this. You that feel and think this. *smile* I think I am blue. *grin* its beautiful you know Jimi Hendrix wrote a song Bold as Love – you must hear it if you have not. As well as The Stones, She’s like a rainbow. But Hendrix? He described as you do that all of us are all colors really.

    • Oh thank you Sue.
      You ‘incited’ not inspired for this 🙂

      Still very hard for me to choose. Tell you a secret : I want to be ALL colors 😀

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