Open up your mind and your potential reaches infinity…

I look at myself and feel so depressed,
For it isn’t Divine Law that got me so dressed.

But the psyche of men who like me oppressed,
And love to see my potential confined and repressed.

What’s so offending and outrageous about my face?
That mandates it to cover and hide all its grace.

I doubt it is to seek Allah’s goodwill and pleasure,
It’s him thinking that I am his personal treasure.

They say for men and women, equality shall prevail
Then why, he sails free, while I hide behind the veil?

Is it the hiding that makes me so safe and secure?
True safety comes from my inner strength, for sure.

It isn’t my face that makes me unsafe and assailable
But his mindset, that as an object, I am available.

It isn’t bound on me to hide behind black curtain,
It’s his attitude, that needs a change, for certain.

No, it’s not me who needs a cover to stay faceless,
But his ego and chauvinism, that truly need a redress.

Note:The most authentic ruling according to the majority of Islamic scholars is that face veil( niqaab) is not necessary and, unlike the head cover( hijab), there is no sin if it is not worn.
Al Azhar University, Egypt’s highest Muslim authority, Sheikh Mohamed Tantawi, has said :

“The niqab is a tradition, it has no connection with religion.”

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