Open up your mind and your potential reaches infinity…

Sakal hans me ram viraje
Arre, Ram bina koi dham nahin
Sab bharmand mein jyot ka vasa
(Har ghat me hai, jyot ka vasa)
Ram ko sumiro ne duja nahin

Teen gun par tej hamara
Panch tatva par jyot jale
Jin ka ujala, chaudah lok me
Surat dor akaash chadhe

Nabhi kamal se parakh lena
Hriday kamal beech phire mani
Anhad baja, baje sheher mein
Bhramand par awaaz hui

Heera jo moti laal jawaharat
Prem padarath parkho yahin
Saancha moti sumar lena,
Ram dhani se mhari dor lagi

Guru jan hoye to heri lo ghat mein
Bahar sheher mein bhatko mati
Guru pratap Nanak sah ke varne,
Bhitar bole koi dujo nahin


In every swan, resplendent Lord resides.
There’s no abode without Him.
Everywhere in the universe
Lives the light.
Remember Him,
There’s no other.

Radiance in the three qualities,
Brilliance in the five elements.
One whose light shines
Through fourteen worlds
climbs to the sky by the string
of awareness.

In the navel lotus, feel the presence,
In the heart lotus a jewel turns,
In the city an untouched instrument plays,
The sound resounds through the universe.

Diamonds, rubies, pearls,
A pile of jewels: discover here
The wealth of love.
Discerning the pure gem – a string
Connects me to my master Lord

If you seek the Lord, search in your body,
Don’t wander aimlessly in the city,
Saint speaks of the Lord’s power:
It speaks within, there’s no other.



  1. She is amazing. She sings while playing the tampura(?) and the finger cymbals. That is very difficult to do. And at the same time, she makes eye contact with her audience and acknowledges them. Wow!

  2. I love her, am I allowed to say that. Yes, I love her. Like I love Kabir and Farid Ayaz, but I don’t understand most of their language. Still, I love them all! Thank you for posting this!

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