Open up your mind and your potential reaches infinity…


Dedicated to all those ambitious girls in the world…..

One takes pride when one’s dream comes true through one’s child entering a world ranking university.
Ace students, never needed to be told to study, always look busy, attending late classes, carrying loads of books, rushing with assignment deadlines etc etc.
Lucky are we parents who brought forth such girls. Indeed they are a great bunch of lasses.
I click on my daughter and her friends’ walls to write a good luck note.
I read their crazy statuses and get the exact idea of how serious they are for their midterms. I copy paste some of their statuses, that my eyes had to bear:
Is the best Answer for all questions….!
SmILe Is the best
Reaction in all situations
BOTH Never Help In any examination , Test, …!
Disclaimer Notice: Student’s declaration at the end of answer paper!”I hereby declare that answers written above r true 2 the best of mine & my friend’s knowledge & I claim no responsibility whatsoever 4 any mistakes. Whatever I have written is truly fictitious & any resemblance with the Subject Matter is purely Coincidental.”

If it is a math/science exam, answer in essay form. If it is long answer/essay form, answer with numbers and symbols. Be creative. Use the integral symbol.
A New Added element to the Periodic Table.
Element Name: GIRL
Symbol: G
Atomic Weight: don’t even dare to ask 😀
Physical Properties..
*boils at anything
*can freeze at anytime
*melts if handled wid love n care
*very bitter if mis handled
Chemical Properties.
*very reactive
*highly unstable
*posses strong affinity for gold n silver
*money reducing agent
*volatile when left alone
Bring a chit on exam day, scratch and show it to your nearest teacher and win free trip to Principal’s office and enjoy 3 years vacation at home.Hurry offer valid until exams only….
Everything has been figured out, except how to study for tests!!!
hayyyy *******! how is the prep for the bio test? dude Can you bring your polka-dot skirt/dress thing tomorrow (A) I wanna wear it on wednesday (A) (with the belt plz hehehe) And I’ll bring your flats tomorrow LOL
Aawwwwww, let’s drop out of uni 😀 😀 !!!!!
You know, we should ALLLLLLLLLLL just drop out all of a sudden
then UFT will go broke and it’ll close down
then it’ll get desperate for money
and it’ll start asking people to join uni again FOR FREE !
and then we’ll say “get lost you idiotsssss !!
We’ll only join if you promise to make the courses easy”
then they’ll agree and we all will get 4.0 and we’ll become filthy rich 😀
and then we all will live happily ever after 🙂
assignments.midterms.assignments.midterms.assignments.midterms- Dimaag ka band bajgaya hain 😐

looks like a zombie ! the ugly kind lol. its been only 3 weeks of school. bags underneath my eyes, scarfs down, no makeup, big frumpy shirt, consuming lotsa junk (disgusting machall) food, always exhausted, sometimes frustrated = me. Aah! WHAT AM I GOIN’ TO DO?

Girl: Mom, I need fancy perfumes.
Mom: Go get a husband!

A friend : I love your mom.

Hahaha. Thanks 😀 i thought breast cancer is better to talk about 😛 and if my mom sees that status, she’s gonna know i lied to her about studying all night 😛 whichh in my defence, i did plan to do, but i got sleepy 😛 WHERE? TIME? i got stats midterm from 7 to 8 pm 😦 hopefully after 😀 *fingers crossed*
i have a bio midterm on monday…and i dun wanna studyyy…and m bored -_-

And that’s my Fatima’s status:
and i just realized, ammi is our mutual friend 😛 hahaha…chalo koi nahi jee koi nahi XD
And I lived in an illusion for 19 years that my daughter loved me.

Girls- Christina, Shreya, Anchal, Anureet, Preethi, Rishika,Sana, Amna, Fatima- I am still proud of you and wish you good luck in your Midterm Exams.

Great you maintain your sanity and sense of humour despite tremendous pressure.
Love you all.
Keep going…
Ilmana Fasih
8 October 2010

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