Open up your mind and your potential reaches infinity…

This is how we attended the Conference.

There are moments in a serious conference when atmosphere goes monotonous and one tends to dose off. It is then, when one needs some ‘kicking’ remarks which act as wake up calls.

I was literally asleep at times in 1 UN PLAZA on Sep 21-22 when these snippets served as awakenings:
*” Projects that donot fly are termed Pilot projects.”
* “I donot recommend our US method of moving forward wherein, when for two years guys meet in suits, and finally decide to meet again the next year. “
* “Mobiles phones are our peripheral brains which are gradually taking over our central brains.”
* “In WHO we are observing another epidemic coming up in the health field by the name of Pilotitis.”
* “We Latinos donot eat to be nourished, we eat to be fuul.” a presenter from Dominican Republic.
* “Behind every strong woman , there is a great man.”
* “….. and I live in D.C.(Washington DC) and it happens to be the centre of the Universe.”
* “I am an everyday optimist and I want to get it done before all my hair are gone.I need to rush as you can see only 10% of my hair are left.”
* ” Job of an editor is to separate the wheat from the chaff, and then publish the chaff.”
* ‘I begin by introducing the panelists – some of whom I know since years and with some I have been working very closely with—and by ‘working’ I mean e-Health. Please dont let your great imaginations to fly.” a senior official of a HUGE UN organisation.”
Can imagine how much of ‘serious work’ we were doing for these two days talking about the world’s health!
We were a great bunch of people there, you see….

Dr. Ilmana Fasih
23 September 2010.

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