Open up your mind and your potential reaches infinity…

This an interesting school assignment that my 17 year old son Ismail did for his Grade 12 English class,at the weekend. I had always thought that the modern means of communication like cell phones,emails have made my teenager children more independent and self assertive.
However Ismail’s opinion on it was contrary and perhaps interesting.He has always been a boy who thinks out-of-the-box. He wrote a 500 word assignment and asked me to edit the mistakes. There he goes……
Is technology stunting postsecondary kids’ growth?
The interview raises a valid point that technology is decelerating the students’ growth into adulthood.Personally speaking, I too am amongst one of those students in high school who takes help from the mom. I sometimes e mail her my HW and ask her to look at my work, edit it, give suggestions, etc. Even when I need to take the bus or get lost on the way to certain destinations, I feel the urge to call her or my father on cellphone to Google up the routes, instead of me asking the people for directions.
Before reading the interview I did not feel as if this was a problem. When looking deeper into the issue, as a high school student I understand that the issue creates a lot more problems for university students, more than the high school students. This is because university is the stepping stone for the transition into adulthood. Even after leaving for university, many students aren’t totally away from the parents. I have seen many real life examples like my friends who live in dorms, and text message their friends and family to check their work or evenask to do online research for them on trivial home work assignments.
At one point I found in the article, Ms Moore saying that students and parents should have healthy communication like sending them campus pictures, buildings and monasteries. I felt that it is THIs TYPE of communication, that makes parents want to get involved in their children’s’ student lives. Because when parents get a glimpse of the environment their children are in, it gives them the urge to just get involved and do their best to help their children succeed.
One point that I really found true was the one talking about how students take help from their moms and dads rather than the people on campus. I personally feel this is true because I feel that getting help from my parents is better than getting help from the people available on campus. I think this is because parents are more likely to say good than bad about their child’s work to boost their confidence. (I love you Ismail for writing this, but you never said this on my face ! ) But then again, this not always true as parents who believe in reality check always tell their children the truth.
Last but not least, one point that I find a little difficult to agree on is the one that says that a lot of parents usually get swayed by their children’s emotional reactions on Skype and text messages. I think this is because personally my parents try to keep me strong by telling me that I have to face the world alone one day, so I should learn to deal with my problems on my own.
In conclusion, technology has been helpful but we should not overuse it to bring to us to our downfall.( Ismail, remember this when you sit on PS 3 or WWE on the net)
Hopefully, after reading this interview, I will learn to become more independent, in time, for university.
by Ismail Fasih
Grade 12
John Fraser Sec.School
Posted 3 months ago

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