Open up your mind and your potential reaches infinity…

Man Mustt Hua Tab Kyon Bole

Hira Paya Ganth Ganthiyayo, Bar Bar Wahko Kyon khole
Halki Thi Jab Chari Tarazu, Poori Bhayee Tab Kyon Tole
Surat Kalari Bhayee Matwari, Madwa Pe Gayee Bin Tole
Hansa Paye Mansarover, Tal Taliya Kyon Dole
Tera Sahib Hai Ghat Mahin, Bahar Naina Kyon Khole
Kahat Kabir Suno Bhai Sadho, Sahib Mil Gaye Til Ole

With mind immersed in Love, why should I talk?
Having the diamond knotted safe, why again I open the knot?
Empty scales at initiation are full, why measure again?
Rationality became intoxicated, by drinking without measures
Swan reaching the lake, need wander in ponds and puddles?
Your Lord is your inner Self, why seek him outwardly
Says Kabir listen my folks, I realized the Lord within
– like oil contained in the seed.
My understanding
In this verse, Kabir presents his ideology in an equation form, reflecting upon the patterns associated with mind. It is perhaps our tendencies, our insecurities and our own doubts that we create chaos in our own lives. We have a home, but we still wander here and there. Our conscience is always alert like a watchdog, yet we heed not the inner voice and get indulgent. Awareness of our inner Self is the key to our being harmonious and at peace.

Rajender Krishan

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