Open up your mind and your potential reaches infinity…

Sometimes lessons are learned from the most unexpected of places and moments.

As the opening match of T20 began with the two traditional rivals India and Pakistan, many Indians including their anchors and experts were heard making bullying, mocking taunts in general with even the Indian experts making tall claims. It seemed as if every soothsayer and psychic parrot had already seen India’s victory against Pakistan in the opening match of T-20 World Cup 2021. There were hundreds of thousands of remarks made, which are not worthy of mention here. They are everywhere on media and social media.
The most hurtful of the remarks I found was, “Pakistan should not bother to play and give India a walk over.”

Anyways, fast forward, with the incredible performance by Pakistan, the match turned all the tables and all the tall claims of experts sitting on that table came tumbling down like sandcastles. My daughter and son in law who stayed up late in Manila, including their toddler, to watch the match messaged, “Ammi this is UNBELEIVABLE.”

As the match ended, something even more unbelievable happened. The pictures below, which are now spread all over the social media and mainstream media changed the entire discourse. Lets go through the pictures first.

These picture speak a thousand words, on the art of losing with grace and winning with humility.

Virat Kohli’s facial expression, his body language and the overall aura feels like he lost like a winner.
Look at the calm, composed Babar Azam( even if his back in the first pic), and his expression in other photos, he has exalted himself to a position which is beyond one match victory.

It’s not that Virat Kohli must not have gone to his camp, and at home disappointed, that’s inevitable. But the composure with which he did not let the emotions spills all around him and cared to congratulate the winning players with benevolence, not merely as a ritual handshake in the moments when emotions run high, is commendable. Super commendable.

Hats off to Virat Kohli. And massive respect for Baber Azam.

A lesson that the masses in India need to learn is:

Do not ever mock at the capability of an underdog.
Do not ever brag aloud haughtily about being a topcat.
Karma will get you.

A message that Pakistanis need to remind themselves:

Lambi thi gham ki shaam, mager shaam hi tou thi.. And times are about to change.

Congratulations’#Pakistan. This was an incredible performance.
Commiseration #India. Your captain did win hearts this time.

“If Afridi was the pointed end of the spear, Babar Azam was the shield. Oozing class from the first ball he placed, Azam set the tone with a back-foot punch through cover that should be immortalised in bronze.” –The Guardian reporting on the match.

What makes me happy is to see Pakistani nation, who has been deprived and deliberately isolated in cricket due to geo-politics, genuinely happy and rejoicing in the virtual and the real world.
Happiness and success has come after a lot of humiliation for years, beginning with BCCI, IPL and then the canceled tours of New Zealand and England to Pakistan.
And the cricket fans of Pakistan deserve to cease the moment and celebrate, which they are doing.

Lastly, I think this picture should become a symbol of hope for Pakistan, and the youth should put up these posters in their rooms, the way my generation covered our rooms with the posters of Imran Khan, Sunil Gavasker etc. đŸ˜€

May Pakistani Cricket fans see no dark clouds of hateful politics of exclusion, hovering over their land anymore. May they prove their mettle with excellent performance and exceptional perseverance.

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