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Papa & Ismail – 1

This post is about the price one pays for being friends with ones kids. And ofcourse kids ganging up or siding with Papa against me wasn’t rare. 🀣Yesterday as Ismail and I went for a long drive, we chatted mostly about ‘Papa’ as I refer to Fasih when talking to kids. It feels like a special moment to see Ismail smile in these days and even more gratifying to see his sense of humor return back.
In all seriousness I told him, “Ismail, I am so proud of you and your sensitive comment when you told Loveen, “It is so hard to see my mother living her life without my father…. it hurts.”
I continued, “he was not just my husband he was my close friend.”
Ismail smiled a nasty smile. I knew something was coming up..
He replied, “Yeah you were his boss too.”
Me: “Kya, kya.”
Ismail, “Papa was so cool. He let you boss over him.”
Me: “Listen, thats not bossing. Thats called being equal partners.”
Him: “But you were slightly more bossy.”
Him: smiles again. I knew something was coming again… ” you miss him because you were his boss.”
“Thats lame Ismail.”
“Yes. Am your son. You also make lame jokes.”

“Listen if i was really bossy, I wouldn’t let him go to Karachi at all. Did I stop him by force? I only begged. Bosses don’t beg.”
“But in the house matters you acted as if you were the boss.”
“Ofcourse that was my department.”

Just to go into the background, this is where Ismail gets his ideas from.

He was barely 3 yrs and went to a kindergarten play group. The teacher had given some homework which Ismail began doing in the school.
Mrs. Aqeel(Ismails kindergarten teacher): Ismail keep it in the bag. You have to do it at home.
Ismail: Ammi ke ghar?
Teacher: Woh apka bhi ghar hai Ismail.
Ismail: No Aunty. Ammi Papa ko kehti hain, “Yeh mera ghar hai.” πŸ˜ƒ

Ismail was about 9 or 10.
Me( loudly from the kitchen): Ismail, its your turn today. Fill up the water bottles and put them in the fridge.
Ismail: Ammi. Don’t order me. I am not your husband. 🀣

With these true incidences in the background you can imagine how empowered aka bossy I was at home. Lolllz.
Fasih had told me he had idolized a female professor in his Medical College who was known by Madam Aftab. She was a strong, bold woman.
He believed, “its easier life with strong women as they do the heavy lifting in family responsibilities.”


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