Open up your mind and your potential reaches infinity…

I tried a great deal but I fail to understand the concept of sudden and premature demise.
On one hand it is said, the only thing definite, universal and a great equalizer is death. And on the other hand, there is no certainty or durability or guarantee of when will it arrive.
A healthy young person suddenly hits a truck or a random person happens to be in a wrong place at a wrong time suddenly gets fatal shot in a cross fire without being the actual target. Or even in COVID you hear of people on 80s, 90s or more or with comorbidites or cancer survive while a fit doctor despite all precautions catches the most virulent strain & succumbs to it.
First time I heard of a doctor dying of an iatrogenic infection was of my son in law’s uncle who had died more than a decade ago after operating an accident patient carrying CONGO Virus in Karachi. Only he was randomly selected to get cross infected, while no one in his team caught the infection. I was scandalized when I heard this story from the family.
And now, it actually happened to my own guy. One can console, or argue these covid times are uncertain times snd he is not a lone victim like Abdullah’s chacha, who was barely 34, had a 2 year old daughter, and his own FCPS in Surgery result came out after his demise. The family says their lives were turned upside down….quite like I feel. Or perhaps must have been a lot worse, as he was much younger, and there was no pandemic either.
Coming back to the point, why is death so unpredictable? When so many other things follow rules of nature, why not death?
Have you heard of someone being born normal and surviving at 16 weeks or even 20 weeks? For survival it has to be beyond a certain age. If not survival after birth, why should death be so unpredictable?
Has anyone seen sun rising prematurely and suddenly at 2am? Or not setting until 12 midnight suddenly? Are they not following rules of nature? Then why not death?
Its okay if someone wants to choose to die. But why should it happen to those who wanted to live, who want to do good in life?
If everything follows laws of nature, why not death?
I know in faith it is seen as “The Will of God” and hence a full stop to all arguments.
I still cannot make sense of it or able to understand. Why? Yes why is death the only thing that does not follow the rules of nature?
Call me whatever, but I dont still get it. I am sorry. I am not just complaining about my loss, but lamenting on behalf of all the loved ones left behind after a sudden death.

jis tarah ḳhvāb mire ho gaye reza reza
us tarah se na kabhī TuuT ke bikhre koī
~ Parveen Shakir
On 25th Anniversary on 29 Jan 2015
Hisaab e umr ka buss itna sa goshwara hai,
Tumhein nikaal ker dekha tou sab khasara hai.
Ger baazi ishq ki baazi ho, jo chaaho laga dou der kaisa
Jeet gaye tou kya kehna, haare bhi tou baazi maat nahin

` Faiz Ahmed Faiz

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