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Dear Papa,

It has been a few days since I’ve written about you or to you. Not a day has passed since your death when we have not remembered you, laughed about you or cried about you. I have started to understand now that you are in everything we do. I also know you are a martyr InshaAllah and you will live on with us in all the things we do. I hope now you can see Rahma’s free spirit nature comes from you as do her dimples. I hope you see how we’re no longer procrastinators since you were the do-er and now we do for you. I hope you can see how we enjoy the outdoors like you did, how we appreciate and take inspiration from all the things around us, like you did. I hope you can see how we’ve finally realised the value of prayer and faith. It’s still a long way ahead in this process of grief and remembrance, but we’re getting there from the strength we gain from you.

You were always larger than life and I know you are here even beyond your life. You are in the sunset, in the skies, in whisps of the champas, the smell of chaunsas, in the essence of everything good around us. I just hope you can also protect us and pray to Allah with us to make the tough road ahead easier for us, to send angels our way whenever we are lost or in crisis, and to protect us from all those with ill intentions or the evil eye. For as long as I live, I know you’ll be my guardian angel.

Your beti always,
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