Open up your mind and your potential reaches infinity…

Some people are probably angels walking on earth as human beings.
Family, close friends, his patients knew Fasih exactly as that even in his life. In my decades of association with him, all I heard about him was finest of accolades and praises. People loved him very dearly in his living life. He was one of these fortunate ones who recived immense love for all his life, and is still recieving outpouring of love.
However this post is not about him.

I just want to reassure the world that there must be many such beautiful people around you who just give, without any expectations of return of favour.
Fasih, Fatima, Ismail and I are blessed to know one more such living angel.
She is more than just a friend, to whom I owe many things.
She was the first person I reached out looking for work, when in Canada, after googling about an organization for women’s health and found “Aurat Health Services”.
In the chilly winter of January 2010, it was heavily snowing and I took a bus to meet its founder and CEO.
An extremely good looking, graceful and extremely polished woman greeted me and the only question she asked me was, “How can I help you?”
She later became my only reference to the job I currently hold for United Way.
How did this association develop into a deep friendship I have no clue.
I don’t even remember if I did anything substantial for her EVERRR….Yes I don’t recall anything.
She has been through a lot, from losing her husband as a newly married 15 day old bride 25 years ago in Islamabad after being shot for robbery( and never re-married), to losing her dynamic mother to cancer and then herself going through health issues.
I hardly showed up more than a couple of times to see her ailing mother.
And when she had her surgery, I called her I will come, but just forgot to visit. No excuses, just callousness. She NEVER complained.

And on her end, she has always been there uninvited in all our good and bad times- from Fatima’s wedding preps, to some personal health issues, to Ammi’s visit, when Fatima had nomination for Mississauga Arts Council and Fatima couldn’t attend, Samina represented her in abstentia, to the current devastating tragedy at Fasih home.
From day 1 after Fasih’s demise, she has been popping in, to see Ismail and me, sometimes even twice a day to check on us. She loaded the fridge with Ismail’s favourite foods.
And she is not a faarigh(vella) person by-the-way. Much like Fasih was all the time, her hands are always full with responsibilities taken upon voluntarily.
She is an extremely busy professional and also has social responsibilities like ‘ours’. She is a caregiver to her father. I know she has a bunch of friends, who are her daughter, sister and many things to her, and who are with her like her shadow. ( I am not one of them unfortunately).
Yesterday she came in and we chatted about something.
And in the conversation she mentioned, “Mere peeche tou koi rone wala bhi nahin hai.” ( There’s no one there to cry after me.)
My heart sank as she said it by-the-way. But I held my emotions back. After she left, I howled my heart out.
I want to wish her a long long life, longer than mine. But I also want to tell her, you are not alone. You have a bunch of angels surrounding you on this very earth, in this very Mississauga. I am referring to Ala, Farzeen, Saman and the whole beautiful gang.
Samina Talat I want to tell you, Fatima, Ismail are there for Samina Khala, and so am I for my little behn. I’ll try to get better at it.

I am sorry, I did not take permission from her to share this because I know she wouldn’t have given me. But its okay, if you are angry, come home and scream at me whenever you want.

If you guys have such living angels around you cherish them in their lifetimes. Don’t wait for them to go to remember how selfless they were.

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