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Mother’s Love Is Magical

About 8 years ago Ammi, when she was active and still in her designer mode, she sent me a beautiful mehndi green raw silk suit stitched by my favourite tailor, who knows exactly what I like. The dupatta was missing.

I lamented on phone: “Ammi how can you send such a classy raw silk shalwar-kurta without a dupatta? How do I wear it now?”
She remarked: “I just found my favourite mehndi (henna green)

color in raw silk and I couldn’t hold back. I bought it and got it stitched for you. Dupatta? Match with any of your painted silk dupattas.”
She wasn’t even apologetic.
She continued: “This is my favourite color. I made a satin sharara suit with gotta in my jahez of the same color. I think I gave it to Fatima last time she came here.”

I tried a few matches with my painted silk dupattas. For some weird reason nothing felt good and they all looked out of place. Anyways I wore the suit a few times half-heartedly, each time wondering why cant i find a really good dupatta or a shawl to go, that either contrasted or matched it well.

Today while decluttering I took this bag out and with a strong will power decided to part with this suit along with a few others. I convinced myself, “It’s beautiful color and silk but somehow “maza nahin aata” without a good dupatta.”

Then I looked into the pile that Fatima had left after decluttering her stuff in her recent visit to Canada.
“Ammi keep these Nani’s clothes she gave me carefully. I will take them next time. They need some refinishing.”

The crumbled mehndi green georgette dupatta fell over the silk suit. The dupatta was part of the green dress Ammi had hand stitched and embellished with gotta (silver ribbon embroidery)for her wedding trusseau (jahez) way back in 1964.
And … a magic spell….the colors were strikingly ditto… not even a shade different.

I couldn’t believe my eyes….i flipped them up and down to double and triple check.
They complemented and clung to each other as if two long lost friends had met after ages and their eyes were gleaming with surprise.
I felt dizzy…both were the same- Ammi’s favourite Mehndi green color and both came through her.
I cursed myself for having decided to part with the suit. But then Sustainistani Fatima had recently given me a lecture on decluttering and “let go” of things I loved. “You can’t hold on to things you love forever. Ease your life Ammi. Enjoy life with less stuff.”

Khair, now Fatima will have to part with her Nani’s mehndi green dupatta….she can keep it’s satin sharara and find a suitable matching dupatta. 😀
My suit has finally found it’s missing dupatta.

YAHOOOO….Ab chahe koi mujhe hoarder kahey, kehta hai to kehta raheyyyy….

Comments on: "Mother’s Love Is Magical" (2)

  1. Mothers are mothers!.

    Dupatta goes beautifully with your suit!

  2. Some trash is actually a ‘catch!’
    Congratulations for getting the match!

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