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Ever imagined what happens when your name gets synonymous with a culinary dish that you are expected to make in every potluck?
Yes. In. Every. Single. Potluck. Period.

And anytime you offer for a friends party, “Shall I get something from my side?”
The obvious response is, “Yes dahi-baras if you can.”

The compliments of ‘perfection’ that flow are quite elating, and a fairly good boost to one’s self esteem.
Let me admit, it’s been decades since my last dahi-baras went wrong. I have figured out some short cuts too, and so it isn’t very time consuming & labour intensive either.

However, it has become pretty uninteresting to follow the same steps each time- soak dals overnight, grind them and make a batter, then heat oil and fry round lentil dumplings, soak them in water……etc etc like a robot. I know now how experts just learn to do repetitive tasks at a spinal level, letting brain take the back seat.
Summing up in two words: it’s become a monotonous rut.


Hence time and again pops up the urge to take dahi baras to the next level.

Making dahi-gujiyas is very interesting, yet a painstaking procedure.
Using a lentil paste of a doughy consistencey and spreading it on a plastic sheet and filling with raisins, nuts and herbs. Then carefully frying them. Rest of the process is the same.


However the itch to innovate dahi-baras to a yet newer level remained.

The idea to fuse waffles with dahi-baras came as a flash today, and just to check I am not being bizarre, I tested the idea with my son, who was busy watching a baseball match. Without much reaction, he responded almost automatically, “Yes, why not?”

So came the inception of Dahi bara waffles.

The batter is exactly the same, made from urad and moong lentils. The consistency also remains as thick as for the fried dumplings.

Still skeptical I poured the batter in waffle maker and let it cook till light brown.


The waffle was then soaked in water for 5 minutes and extra water squeezed out.


The waffle-bara was drizzled then with thick yogurt, chat masala, tamarind sauce and mint chutney.


The sponge and consistency was amazing, and the taste was delicious.


The taste was the same as a usual dahi baras, but experience of eating it as a waffle topped with yogurt & chutneys was very different.

I can envision this as a great hit in parties with individually served waffle-baras where people can add yoghurt, spices and sauces as per their taste. It can also be consumed as a crispy waffle with chutney by those who don\t fancy yogurt.

Now thinking where next to take the dahi bara journey to?
Suggestions & ideas are welcome. ❤

Comments on: "Dahis baras with love !" (4)

  1. I wish If someday, tech would allow us to share these dishes through “E-mail”. 🙂
    Mouth-watering would be deficient expression of internal desire to have them all.

  2. Would you please allow me to share your posts on my facebook page at least few if not all?

    Sincere Regards

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