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Sufism talks of losing the ‘self’ to attain the love of God. Here in an unusual Hindi sufi poetry the poet Achal Ram, a Kabir bhakt,  describes in simple yet delightful verses how by losing one’s self, he sees the reflection of God within himself and then falls in love with that self.
Mukhtiyar Ali, a renowned Kabir singer adds ecstasy to the soulful  words through his rendition. Translation in the subtitles by Kabir Project does remarkable justice to the original verses.

Dekha apne aap ko, mera dil deewana ho gaya,
Na chhero yaron mujhe, main khud mastana ho gaya.
I saw my own self and fell in love with it,
Don’t mess with me friends, I am in ecstasy of self.

Lakhon suraj, chandrama, qurban per hain mere husn per,
Adbudh chhavi ko dekh ke, kehne se main sharma gaya.
Countless suns and moons bow down to my beauty
Seeing my spectacular silhoutte, I am speechless and blush.

Ab khudi se baaher hain, ishq kafni pehen ker,
Sab rang chola rangaa, deedar apna ho gaya.
I am free of self-obsession after being draped in love shroud,
Sporting a dress dyed in all colors, I have come face to face with myself.

Ab deekhta koi nahin, duniya me hi merey siwa,
Doori ka parda hata, saara bharam pighla gaya.
Now I behold no one in the whole world but my own self
The veil of separation is lifted, all delusions have vanished away.

Achal Ram ab khud ba khud, hai mehboob mujh se na-juda
Nij noor mein bharpoor ho, apne mein aap samaa gaya.
Achal Ram now by itself, the beloved and I are inseparable
Suffused with self radiance, I have merged within myself.


Comments on: "Dekha apne aap ko ~ Mukhtiyar Ali" (4)

  1. Salaam Ms Fasih,

    Though I don’t expect correct meters and beautiful rhymes from a Sufi/Sofi poet other than the 3 great ones. ( Waras Shah, Bulleh Shah and Ghulam Farid), however, I am wondering if this all poetry is a “repeat” of Mansur AL-Hallaj?

    Just re-consider the meaning (s) of “Annal-Haq” and I hope you would find some striking similarities.

    The conceptual myth of Sufism or spirituality is to merge with “extreme entity” aka The Supreme Consciousness ie “Wasaal/Wasal”.

    I am long time admirer of your informative write-ups and always appreciate your extra efforts you put to bring a purpose to them but this one is very ordinary in all senses.


    • Thank you for a genuine feedback. I can in no way disagree with you on this being a very ordinary poetry and music. Please note I had mentioned this as one of the rare Hindi poetry I have come across on sufi concept of ‘finding God within’. And the singer is a local folk artist in a remote town in the middle of Rajasthan desert where he was discovered by Shabnam Virmani. He sings Kabir poetry in a small unknown village of Pugal, Rajasthan. I am a fan of his folk songs nevertheless. 🙂 Check him here >>>

  2. I think the subject matter of the verse is unquestionably extraordinary, and so is Mukhtiyar’s singing, generally.

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