Open up your mind and your potential reaches infinity…

What I saw all day on FB was that EVERYONE was touched by Sabeen’s generosity by some way or the other. And that was her legacy….to happily keep helping everyone who she could if the cause was good. And this last act of not estimating the danger was one of that act to help out when no one else was doing it.

I have a story too, of how she went out of the way to help me just a month ago. Just on one whatsapp request, when she was next day traveling to US for 2 weeks and CLF was beginning 3 days later. I asked her if there any way our art campaign can be part of CLF?
A few hours later I received on WhatsApp: “I talked to CLF, they will provide a booth, and with two of their own volunteers conduct the workshop on all days for “A Peaceful Pakistan, Pakistan For All” art campaign. I am traveling in the morning, but I have assigned two (names) in my office to carry on the work, they will print 1000 copies of the posters, and send them to CLF, and to stay connected to you.”
As a result…in 3 days of Children’s Literature Festival we got 3 huge murals and 500 paintings& models from school children, which rest in Karachi at CLF office for our art project- A Peaceful Pakistan, Pakistan For All.

This whole incident kept haunting me for the time I slept.

Point is: I want to Carry Forward Sabeen’s favor to me by going out of the way to offer my help to ONE person at least, PROACTIVELY each day, till next Eid (about 2 months)>

Helping out does not mean only to a certain ‘kind’ of needy people in Thar or Muzaffargarh or Baluchistan. It also means helping each other without bothering if this is my agenda or not, when it is a worthy cause is also what Sabeen’s legacy is.

I don’t want this fine quality of Sabeen be lost in the politics of serious issues she supported and actively advocated for. That struggle can continue in its own right.

This is my tribute to Sabeen Mahmud, with her own words about T2F.
(A hand painted silk scarf)



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