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South Asian wedding is an elaborate institution where incredible amount of money, time and imaginations are invested.

Through the multiple cultures across  South Asia, the wedding traditions vary, but their elaborate and expensive styles remain common.

In most subcultures, wedding ceremonies last several days, with rich flow of elaborate dresses, decorations and food accompanying each event.

RUNG shall display some select ceremonies in a typical South Asian wedding with visitors to be able to experience them through interactive spots.

The  main wedding is  preceded a day or two with the ceremony where the girl is applied henna in preparation for the wedding day. The event is peculiarly decorate in green and yellow with flowers, lamps and henna.
The visitors at RUNG shall be offered to apply mehndi( henna) the South Asian way.

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Just before the groom leaves his home to get the bride, an elaborate ceremony takes place  around the turban tying, performed by the parents and the near relatives. RUNG shall have a fascinating spot of turbon tying for the visitors, and a photo op.

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The typical Hindu wedding ceremony called Mandap includes an elaborate arrangement with pillars, and decorated with floral backdrop, and a fire in the center, around which the bride and the groom take seven rounds,

Each round symbolizes seven wedding vows where the couple invoke different prayers to God in each round:

1.Plenty of nourishing and pure food.
2. A healthy and prosperous life. They ask for the physical, spiritual and mental health from God.
3. Wealth.
4. Increase in love and respect for each other and their respective families.
5. Noble children.
6. Peaceful long life with each other.
7. Companionship, togetherness, loyalty and understanding between themselves.


RUNG shall set up a Mandap and a mock wedding ceremony with the bride and groom around the fire shall take place.

The elaborate embellished dresses and jewelry worn by the bride and groom shall be on display.

There shall be an interactive spot for tying sarees to the visItors, and a photo op.

The photo gallery shows various types of brides from different regions of South Asia:


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 RUNG 2014 is a two day exhibition of South Asian culture and art in Royal Ontario Museum(ROM) on May 31 and June 1, 2014.


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