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TD Mosaic Festival 2013 day 2 began with the Exhibition of  “Harmony and Peace” series of  paintings by Jimmy Engineer, a renowned Pakistani painter, visiting Canada, especially for the event. The Exhibition shall continue till September, at Promenade Art Gallery.

The paintings  by Jimmy Engineer, being showcased in the TD Mosaic Festival 2013 are part of a series of paintings  of Pakistani and world architecture titled as “ Harmony and Peace”.
The idea behind the series is that when different architectural structures from different places in India, Pakistan, Egypt, Uzbekistan, Turkey, China etc can be brought together in one frame, and appear harmonious, why can’t human beings, who possess intelligence, be able to coexist with harmony.

Talking to Jimmy was an enriching experience, to know in depth about the humanist that he is. He prefers to be acknowledged as “a simple mortal who cares for human kingdom with passion.”
His inspiration to Art is Nature, which he considers as his Perfect Master.

Born into a Parsi family, he says he believes in universality of faith. He was inspired by the simplicity and spirituality of Sufi Barkat Ali, from Faisalabad, who he says, bestowed upon him the responsibility to make Pakistan proud, through his Art and social work.

Jimmy says, he meditates, and often gets the visions to paint in his dreams, which he then transforms into canvases.

Jimmy has to his credit 3000 pieces of Art (2000 paintings and 1000 calligraphies), and countless social services, some of which are known, and some he chose to keep unknown. He believes that the highest form of social work is that reaches the needy unseen, devoid of any pomp and show.

As an artist, he has  worked with many mediums including water, oil and pastels be it on canvas, wood or ceramics, and from realism (landscape, still life,) to abstract to calligraphy.

A humble human being that he is, he believes he is extremely blessed, despite never attempting to promote his work. He has received great recognition and respect from the world over, and his art work has made way into private collections in Italy, France, Switzerland, Russia, India, China, England, USA in fact almost in every part of the world, validating his status as an International artist.

Jimmy leads an extremely simple life, and has always directed royalties from his Art work,  including a house, into social causes dear to his heart.

He believes to Walk-a-Cause and has to his credits countless walks to raise awareness on myriad issues, mainly related to helpless and needy individuals, like the special children, widows, orphans, and various health issues.

He walked from Karachi to Khyber all by himself, in one year, which took him through various cities, villages, deserts, and wilderness. He claims that all along the way, people from all walks of lives, supported and helped him, right from Waderas, Chowdharys to dacoits,and the poor. They shared their food and shelters with him. He even encountered poisonous snakes and dangerous animals, but was never harmed by anyone.

“During the walk,” he says, “my fearlessness was challenged by many asking me to enter the cage of lions, which I did, without being harmed by them. “

He says many attributed this to be due to his possession of supernatural powers. But a humble Jimmy thinks, it is his conviction to peace and compassion that leaves him unharmed.

He is a strong believer of Indian Pakistan Peace, and says that he was neither born during the time of partition, nor had read the gory details of it, but sometime in 1973, he had the scenes appear in his dream, which he then painted into the Partition series.

In 2001, he decided to walk for Peace from Islamabad to Delhi, but then stopped at the Wagah border.

“Why did you stop?”  I asked.

“I was walking for the sake of Peace, and to not add more tensions by my act. At reaching the border, and conveying my peace intent, I had conveyed my message.” he replied.

He believes that “Peace between India and Pakistan will come one day, as 99% on both sides are desirous of peace, and it is only 1% or even less do not want it.”

“Amen” , I say aloud, with a firm conviction that the words uttered from such a humble champion of humanity and compassion, will not be left unheard by the God Almighty.

Peace and Harmony series…



Partition series…



Calligraphy by Jimmy:


Jimmy Engineer, the artist and social worker par excellance:



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  1. Ken W. Simpson said:

    How refreshing it is to see a great spirit create great art.

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