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Here comes another case of blasphemy . The heat of the previous ridiculous case of Asia Bibi’s blasphemy allegations had not cooled, that this new, a far more ridiculous and a lot more shameful case crops up. My head hangs in shame. Are we going insane or paranoid or simply treading towards a deliberate path of self annihilation? I seriously feel embarrassed to step out of my house today and to face yet another barrage of questions from the concerned friends about what’s wrong with us muslims. Now many of them wouldn’t even spell out the question, just stare at me with those questioning eyes, as if all my previous explanations of the ‘misguided few’ amongst us was indeed a fassade. I wonder how will I look into the eyes of my friends the next time their gaze meets mine.Will my eyes be again able to narrate the same words of ‘ignorant minority’ with the same strength and conviction as I have been doing since the time I can remember. How long will they take one ridiculous story after the other, as just an isolated incident? True, there are indeed only the “misguided few”, but arent these misguided few getting a bit very many, as the time goes by. With the educated medical rep—a graduate at least- we cant even say he was a “misguided mullah” or “an illiterate ignorant soul”. Aren’t we literally ‘lettered illiterates’? I think we really need to undergo a “Mini Mental Exam” (MME), as a community as a whole, to reach to the diagnosis of this pathology. Are we insane or on the verge of insanity —a Paranoid Schizophrenics , or are we malingerers who fake pathology to gain personal benefits—termed Munchaussen Syndrome? With either of these diagnoses— we shall be labelled mentally unwell (saying it politely). And do we at all know the simple Third Law of Newton:” To every action there is an equal and opposite reaction” ? As of today, any news from Pakistan reaches the rest of the world at the speed of light. Just yesterday, while reading an article on blasphemy in a major international newpaper online, the comments at the end were really heart shattering. As we sow so shall we reap. Will we be in a position to blame the reaction of the outside world or face their wrath if we carry on with this insanity any further? For those who don’t buy my concerns, I copy paste some of those comments, with a heavy heart: Johnny Walker Whiskey is the biggest import into Pakistan, any day of the week each of the Pakistani International airports – of Islamabad, Karachi and Lahore- has several cargo planes laden with alcohol beverages discharging its cargo. The country is controlled by gangsters politically and they in turn pass on the duty of instilling religon into the people to the Mullah Whiskies who control the great unwashed masses with their manipulated pagan interpretation of Islam declaring anyone who questions their authority as a blasphemous Kafar ! By the way this is a ridiculous situation and waste of everyone’s time. I doubt if anyone in Pakistan is actually taking this seriously. Sadly, there are words. Words like why do we continue to accept the unacceptable when it comes to the activities of muslims and muslim countries? We accept it by continually pussyfooting around muslim sensibilities (maybe this is an oxymoron). Why should Ms May be considering a banning order against an American who wishes to visit the UK just because he theatened to burn a silly book – because she is pussyfooting around muslim sensibilities. It is time we get the blasphemy law against christian beliefs too. It’s not just Pakistan. Pew Poll: Majority of Muslims supports death for anyone leaving Islam. In a new poll by Pew, a majority of Muslims in many of the world’s Islamic countries says they are very much in favor of killing any person who converts from Islam to any other religion. The new poll also exposed mainstream Muslim attitudes regarding other aspects of their life. For instance, the poll found that a majority in the Muslim world are in favor of cutting off hands for theft, stoning people to death for adultery, and insisting that Islam play a major role in politics. This recent Pew poll was conducted over the course of a month and asked Muslims in several countries about what was going on in their heads. Many of the respondents were also questioned face to face. PAKISTAN, AS THE US PRESIDENT OBAMA, SAID IS A CANCER ON THE BODY OF THE INTERNATIONAL COMMUNITY. THE US, UK. EU, JAPAN AND INTERNATIONAL ORGANISATIONS SHOULD NOT FEED IT WITH MONEY AND WEAPONS, UNLESS PAKISTAN DESTROYS ALLTERRORIST CELLS, BASES ETC IN ALL AREAS CONTROLLED BY PAKISTAN AND GET RID OF ITS LAWS THAT DISCRIMINAATE AGAINST CHRISTIANS, SIKHS, HINDUS AND ISLAMIC MINORITIES SUCH AS AHMEDIS, SHIA ETC. AS PAKISTAN IS THE EPIC CENTRE OF BOTH GLOBAL ISLAMIC TERRORISM AND NUCLEAR PROLIFERATION, THE US MUST TAKE EFFECTIVE ACTIONS AGAINST PAKISTAN AND THREATEN IT TO BE DECLARED A STATE SPONSORING TERRORISM, UNLESS PAKISTAN COOPERATES. This is written hatred . Many of us do and will again face verbal hate on streets, in the subway, in the malls or even at our own doorstep. And then many many more will simply feel the hateful vibes quietly. How long can we go on pleading our case to the outside world? Instead of Dr Valiyani, it is the medical rep who needs to be charged with blaphemy for” misusing and defaming” the sacred name Muhammed for settling his personal vandetta. The guns should be totted at him for blasphemy—for turning the sacred name Muhammed into a butt of joke. It is time we need to turn our guns towards ourselves and no matter what, stand up and take back our ‘Islam’ held hostage into the hands of the handful “misguided and ignorant” Mullahs. To correct myself—indeed it isn’t they who are the misguided or the ignorant—they know what they pursue for their personal agendas. It is us, the silent majority who are “the misguided and ignorant”. It is time for a commando action against the hostage takers. It is time to stand up in one voice. Enough is enough. Please think. And act… Ilmana Fasih 13 December 2010 References:

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