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Published in the Aye Karachi Magazine, May 2011.

Written to mourn the nameless individuals gunned down in Karachi in the name of  ‘target killings’…

When in 2010

I saw now and then
Innocent beings killed
With liters of blood spilled
As the city drowned in flood
From the target killed’s blood
As the poor and nameless
Became targets of the shameless
And as I stood childishly sobbing
With pain so agonizing, so throbbing
For it put Humanity to shame
I gave that year a name
‘The Bloody year’

And now in 2011

I look up to Heaven
I beg and pray
That killers stay away
But my prayers go unheard
As the killers stay undeterred
The leaders stay unstirred
Peace remains blurred
The killings go on unabated
Gosh, they could have waited
For some days to pass
Before corpses they amass
But no, they have no patience
In blood is drowned their conscience
As the days pass more
Who knows what’s in store
And I shiver with dread
For the months that lay ahead.
I wonder what name will I give to this year?

Ilmana Fasih

14 Jan 2011


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