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Once again Ismail’s writing surprises me.He asked me to edit an essay he was suppose to do an his English assignment.I could not find anything worth editing.A playful,rough n tough football kicking boy has so much sensitivity in him—perhaps I’m blind.
He writes:
Do you know a place which for once you can call perfect? A place which is a temporary but amazing source of inspirations. Where you smile at everything you see. Have you ever spent 15 years of your life there? I can, perhaps even more, I was born there. That place is the heart of the Muslim world amongst the sweet musk-smelling desert of the Middle East: Mecca, Saudi Arabia.
The first time my feet touched the rocky surface of the earth, after leaving my mom’s soft envelope, was in Mecca. If there is one thing I would ever long more than anything else, it would be the old childhood days. Just the thought of how every day would go by brings a twinkly tear to my eyes. Just looking at the rainbow in my room, when I woke up caused by the rays of light coming from the window through the colourful curtains. It gave that good-feeling needed to start off my day. And being alone in my room and with the peace made it all that better. It’s amazing that how before going to sleep my room was pitch black with the humming of the AC in the background, and then there I was waking up, in time to see the morning bring its magic to me in my room. When in the outside world, of course accompanied by my parents since I was just 5, I was still old enough to appreciate the streets of Mecca, at least until it became crowded with buzzing people and honking cars. The green grass and trees, the blue skies, the wind blowing in my face, the cats and pigeons roaming around here and there. Now that was an eternal l sight. And during the sunset, the sight of that fireball between the mountainous terrains of Mecca in the horizon was absolutely spectacular.
Environment was amazing, but without any people to communicate with it is worthless. That’s why I had some company along the way .First there was my mom, who cooked up breakfast before dawn, as our school bus used to arrive at 6 am. She would dress me, brush me and put on my shoes on. Funny thing is, I never noticed this because I was too busy watching cartoon network. She kept on teaching though how to do all this, how to tie knot on shoes, how to comb hair and how to button up, which I eventually did. She would stay up with me day to night, to teach me telling time, times tables and nursery rhymes. She would teach me ethics, manners, help me communicate and tell me to study so that I have a good future. It’s incredible how all those words still echo in me and are still helping me in my journey to success. At school, my teacher too was amazing although harsh at times, since preschool was like do work or else stand in the corner, no more toys and all the usual stuff adults do to teach kids. Back then I would not like this, but now looking back I am glad she did because it helped me up to do my homework, study for my tests and work hard all the way. I don’t know where she is now 10 years later, but I will always be thankful to her for showing me the gift of education and teaching me what life is all about.
Mecca is a place which is a hidden land of treasures. How? Perhaps the most amazing thing is the Holy Mosque where Muslims pray their five daily prayers. My mom tells me that people die to get here though some cannot even afford to get there. I always agreed, but in my mind having such a religious blessing is not all you ever want. That’s why we had Jeddah. Jeddah was a nearby city a few kilometers away. It had everything you can ever want. It may not have been known around the globe as a “tourist destination “ but it had lights, economy, amazing livelihood, great lifestyle and best of all no taxes ! Jeddah is known to have every brand of restaurants, clothing, and shoes brands in the world. Name one, and it will surely be there. I enjoyed the amazing restaurants though I didn’t appreciate the clothing and shoes. At least not as much as my mom did. But overall looking at how these brands had globalized and had amazing lights like this and their managers were living in Jeddah finest 7-stars inspired me that I need to work to my highest point to be like these people and live a problem-free future like these people.
Like I said, Mecca is an amazing source of inspiration but it was temporary. After living 15 majestic years I had to unwillingly uproot myself from the place as the rules of that country do not give its expatriates any right to citizenship even after spending an age there. I could never dream to pursue higher aims living there beyond high school. I had to move on to bigger goals in life. So here I am living my eighth month in the True North and Free hoping to make some of my own magic here. To say the least, in less than an year, I can say I call this place,Canada, my home.

Ismail Fasih
27 Sep 2010

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