Open up your mind and your potential reaches infinity…


Food for thought…
Pakistan stands divided into Muslims, Christians, Ahmedis, Hindus, Sikhs and Parsis.
Pakistan stands divided into Sunnis,  Shias and a million other sects.
It stands divided into the filthy rich Waderas and the desperately poor Harees.
It stands divided into inhuman extremists and moderate human beings.
It stands divided into shamelessly corrupt sharks and conscientiously honest dolphins.
It stands divided into Punjabis, Sindhis and half a dozen other ethnicities.
It stands divided into powerful politicians and hapless awam.
It even stand divided into Sindhi Biryani,Chapli Kabab and Balochi Sajji.
However one string that holds Pakistan united is CRICKET.
What oxygen is to life, cricket is to Pakistan. From an army dictator to an elected politician,  from a celebrity to a common man—they all breathe cricket.
An unlettered boy in a remote town of Sibi may not be able to read his name,  but he can spell who is the current wicket keeper.
A boy from Karachi may not know his Calculus but knows how many wickets Afridi has taken.
A city girl from Rawalpindi may not know who is her Foreign Minister but knows who is Shoaib Akhter’s latest girlfriend.
A grandmother in Mardan may not know the nearest grocer but gleams up when Yunus Khan comes to bat, on TV.
Cricket is one beloved a lad called Pakistan refuses to part with, despite her history of infidelities. A little show of loyality in the form of a rare match victory or a century or even a maiden over is always enough for him to forget her previous transgressions.
Oops! She betrays him again—so heartlessly, so shamelessly.
Pakistan is terribly hurt and heart broken. I wonder if he can ever forgive her again. Enough is enough. I hope he stands up on his spine and decides to call it a day.
Pakistan , you are not alone in this hour .We- all Pakistanis, all sport lovers and all humanity the world over are with you in this tragedy.
Let us not nod our heads in denial or cry conspiracy theories. Let us awaken our sleeping conscience. Let us revisit our long forgotten values.
Lets us teach a lesson which sends shivers for centuries to come.
Let this be a new beginning of an end. The beginning of fair play, merit and sportsmanship. And the end of match fixing, doping and ball tempering.
I beg cricket to have mercy on Pakistan. I beg it not to betray Pakistan again.
No, not again.

31 August 2010

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